Scientology Psychobabble: The brain & mind according to Hubbard

In this video, a Scientologist makes a number of apparently absurd and/or far-fetched L. Ron Hubbard-based claims. Firstly, he (i.e., the speaker; though “he” could just as easily refer to Hubbard, as this person is clearly well indoctrinated into Hubbard’s dogmatic cult of personality) claims that the function of the brain is to act as a shock absorber for the mind. That is, it absorbs shocks so that currents firing through the brain are not disrupted. That’s it. He claims that the cognitive sciences have been wrong in their inference that certain cognitive functions are localized to particular regions within the brain (i.e., brain region or neural network X gives rise to cognition/behaviour type Y). Why did he claim this? Because he says that people who have lost particular neurological functions and have incurred brain damage have had their neuro-functioning restored through Dianetics without recovery of those brain centres (I somehow doubt that the methods of Dianetics have been subjected to any type of scientific investigation). Scientology believes that the mind (or thetan, in Hubbardese) and its function are completely separate from the body. 

Next, he claims that all findings in cognitive neuroscience pertaining to the localization of cognitive function within the brain have come from studying those who have incurred battle casualities (e.g., when a soldier incurs damage to a particular part of the brain and can no longer move his leg). I guess this man and Hubbard had both forgotten about people who have had a wide range of other sorts of mishaps (e.g., car, sporting, cycling, and work-related accidents, strokes).

What brilliant scholarly work there, *Dr.* Hubbard.

Message to Scientologists: You might not want to bring these ideas up in Cognitive Science and Psychology Departments. They’re pretty committed to the lies…

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One Response to “Scientology Psychobabble: The brain & mind according to Hubbard”
  1. Scientologists don’t believe in specialized areas of brain function, let alone the ‘global workspace’.

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