Scientology Critic Blindsides Cultists During Stress Test

I couldn’t not post this truly epic video. In it, tenacious Cult of Scientology critic AngryGayPope – whom the cult has gone to some lengths to thwart – went into a major Hollywood Scientology centre without being recognized and received a free stress test. Unbeknownst to the Scientologists his videocam, which was around his neck, was … Continue reading

Cult of Scientology Conspired to Destroy Skeptic Organization CSICOP

In the late 1970s, the Cult of Scientology conspired to discredit and silence the Committee for Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal, CSICOP, an organization headed by world-renowned Humanist leader Paul Kurtz, who also heads the Center For Inquiry. The 1977 order from the top level of the “Church” of Scientology outlining the plan, entitled Program: Humanist … Continue reading

Scientologist Taped Following Anonymous protesters

Video footage of a Scientologist following Anonymous protesters to their car. Interesting conversation takes place as some local university students who cross paths with the follower and the followee ask questions about Scientology and Anonymous. For more on Scientology, click here.

Protest Scientology ANY TIME

There is no need to wait for the monthly protests to come around if you want to picket your local Cult of Scientology location. As can be found all over YouTube, small “mini-raids” are frequently organized between the big protests. These mini-raids need not even be at cult branches. A few weeks ago, there was … Continue reading

Desparation: When no one else wants to take your stress test

For more on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

Jason Beghe’s damning expose of Scientology continues

Television actor Jason Beghe, the Cult of Scientology’s first celebrity defector, spilled another big heap of beans on Scientology and his experience in it in an interview with the Village Voice. Beghe spoke of how, as a spiritually curious person, he had been deeply intrigued by some of Scientology’s procedures and its claims at helping people … Continue reading

Scientology Psychobabble: The brain & mind according to Hubbard

In this video, a Scientologist makes a number of apparently absurd and/or far-fetched L. Ron Hubbard-based claims. Firstly, he (i.e., the speaker; though “he” could just as easily refer to Hubbard, as this person is clearly well indoctrinated into Hubbard’s dogmatic cult of personality) claims that the function of the brain is to act as a shock absorber for the … Continue reading

Next world protest of Scientology: May 10. GAME OVER?

The latest on the next worldwide Scientology protest: Date, Focus, Name Anonymous protesters are currently discussing the next international day of protest against the Cult of Scientology at Enturbulation.Org. Thus far, two thing appear to have been settled unequivocally. Firstly, the date is Saturday May 10, the anniversary of the publication of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics: The … Continue reading

Israel TV: Scientology is a cult and a medical, moral and social threat

Glosslip, from whom I picked up the following video, writes: “Are there any countries left besides the United States who haven’t declared Scientology to be a powerful, sinister and dangerous cult? So far, most of the Western World has identified this organization as a threat to the very fabric of society. When will we wake … Continue reading

Scientology protest: Pickering Flea Market, Sunday April 13

I was just directed to a post on the AnonymousToronto website that a protest is being organized for this coming Sunday afternoon (i.e., the day after Operation Reconnect, the third major monthly international day of protest against the illegal, unethical, inhumane and dangerous practices of the Cult of Scientology) at 1 PM outside of the Pickering … Continue reading