Help make “fauxgressive” a recognized word – and Obama its poster child

Help make “fauxgressive” a recognized word – and Obama its poster child. Advertisements

Posts from the current blog: Death By Trolley

For current writings by the blogger, check out Death By Trolley. Recent posts include satirical posts on homeopathy and how homosexuality is threatening the fabric of English-speaking civilizations, and serious posts about fauxgressive Barack Obama, how to talk to political adversaries and actually get somewhere, why Obama and Democrats are less trustworthy than Republicans, and … Continue reading

Less than a week until nothing out of the ordinary happens. Poll: How will rapturites react?

How will Rapturites respond when Sunday, May 22 rolls around and nothing in the world has changed? Will they claim that their great faith saved the world, that the Rapture in fact DID occur – we just don’t realize it, that Harold Camping – the man behind this Rapture campaign – forgot to carry a … Continue reading

Why healthcare is more efficient in Japan than the US and Canada

The Japanese healthcare system spends FAR less money than the Canadian system, and INCREDIBLY less than the truly abysmal American system, and yet enjoys significantly better results than both. While surely the reason for the differences in health between Japanese, Canadian and American citizens can be traced to reasons beyond the nations’ respective healthcare systems, … Continue reading

Sperm Wars| EVERYTHING is getting more competitive…

The first of many original cartoons at my new blog, Death By Trolley. For more Death By Trolley cartoons, click here.

There Will Be War.

“I believe in world peace. I believe it is possible.” – Every politician or beauty pageant contestant ever. Highly unlikely. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be desirable. It’s just not going to happen. Even in an idealistic world where everyone had enough food, followed the Golden Rule, did not covet status, wealth or … Continue reading

University Education: Why The Lack Of Accountability?

I had the BEST day a few months ago! First, I went to the movies and the theatre decided to do the viewers a favour by stopping the movie twenty minutes early. SCORE! With all the extra time my friends and I had, we decided to go grab a beer. Well it must have been … Continue reading

Solving The Mind-Body Problem in Five Minutes

What is the relationship between mind and matter? Materialism holds that the mental is a product of the physical – the mind is what the brain does. By contrast, dualist accounts are consistent with our common sense notion that the mental is fundamentally different from the physical. How much does a thought weigh? a dualist … Continue reading

He Was Making A Pun!!

Next on Fox: When Puns Attack… That this man has become a well-known online symbol of stupidity. Unfortunately for him, what is less well-known is that he was making a pun! His “Get A BRAIN MORANS” sign was directed at Democratic Virginia Congressman, Jim Moran, and Moran’s supporters. Did this little quip ever come back … Continue reading