It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who realized his aspiration to get rich by starting up a religion. It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who created a totalitarian Orwellian terrorist cult. Today we get to celebrate both. Today is the birthday of the late L. Ron Hubbard, founder and “prophet” (pronounced /profit/) of Scientology. Continue reading to get an abreviated overview of the Church of Scientology’s history as an oppressive, intrusive, exploitative, Orwellian, totalitarian, deceitful, profiteering, paranoid, home-wrecking, blackmailing, abusive cult.

This Saturday March 15 is the next international “Church” of Scientology protest. Why protest? Many people simply view the CoS as weird, creepy, secretive, underhanded, disingenuous, and intolerant of criticism. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The CoS has a long history of intensely harassing, intimidating, spying on and following, smearing, lying about, framing, and going to great lengths to silence or destroy its critics. It is official policy of the CoS to encourage deceit, defamation, harassment, intimidation and destruction of anyone (person, organization or government) deemed to be an enemy (or “Suppressive Person”, SP) of the organization. This was referred to as their “Fair Game” policy [see:]. Three years after the introduction of “Fair Game”, the use of the policy *by name* was cancelled due to bad publicity. The policy is still in effect; just the name has been discontinued. For a particularly alarming example of this policy in action, read on Paulette Cooper, a woman who the Church attempted to frame for bomb threats (which, if convicted, would have resulted in up to 15 years in prison) and have committed to a mental institution [see:]. The CoS has harassed and in some cases attempted to smear journalists and government workers. It has been convicted for breaking and entering into government offices in the US (“Operation Snow White”) and Canada [see:]

They are accused by many ex-members of using rigorous dehumanizing control tactics, including:

  • subjecting members to hypnotic one-on-one mind control procedures meant to promote submissiveness and suggestibility; [see:]
  • subjecting members to lie-detector-aided interrogations (the E-Meter is akin to a lie-detector)—which is literally thought-policing; [see:]
  • institutionalizing punishment, intense psychological abuse and intense social shunning (including permanent ostracism from the entire community, including one’s family and friends) for speaking or even thinking—let alone acting—negatively toward the “Church”, or for fraternizing with SPs who would engage in such “suppressiveness”, or for not informing Scientology authorities if one knows of another Scientologist engaging in such activities; [see: (in this video set, former member Astra Woodcraft describes her experience extensively, including discussion on psychological, social and physical barriers to questioning or defecting from Scientology);]
  • Guilting members into conformity, by convincing them that Scientology is the world’s best (if not only) hope of survival, so how could you not do everything you can? [see: Astra Woodcraft videos]
  • Censorship of information critical to Scientology: CoS released software for members’ home computers which secretly included programming to block websites critical of the CoS. As mentioned above, the CoS also intensely discourages and often flat-out outlaws fraternizing with critics. [See:; Astra Woodcraft videos]

They are also Human Rights abusers. They

  • Prevent members from using psychiatric medications, even members with intense psychiatric problems such as Schizophrenia. In one case, a schizophrenic member deprived of medication stabbed his Scientologist mother to death [see:]
  • Deprive many Scientology children of proper education. Scientology kids in Scientology private schools are not allowed to be taught by their teachers. Instead, they read by themselves. Some Scientology children are often not in school at all, but rather are spending their days working for little or no money while often being berated for unsatisfactory performance. The students are instructed to lie to their parents, telling them that they are in school and things are going well. If they confess the truth to their parents, they get into serious trouble. One Scientology private high school has never produced a single graduate, because students are always recruited to the Scientology’s Sea Org (i.e., their navy) prior to graduation [see Astra Woodcraft videos]
  • The Sea Org is a haven for human rights abuses. Adults working in the Sea Org make $30 a week, while not uncommonly working 7 days for sometimes nearly 20 hours a day. Non-adults in the Sea Org make less. If one’s department is deemed to be performing below expectation (regardless of whether or not the employees have been working over 100 hours a week), their pay is often cut to ½ or ¼ of the normal pay, and they are often fed low quality foods like re-fried rice. There are also very strong physical and social restrictions to leaving the organization, including social ostracism, guilting and psychological abuse, and physical surveillance and prevention. If one does make it past this gauntlet of obstructions and gets out, they are forever deemed a “degraded being” by the entire organization and its members. [See Astra Woodcraft videos]

They are working to gain as much control as possible over the city of Clearwater Florida (the “Church’s” “Spiritual Headquarters”), including the employment of city police officers (which has resulted in clear manifestations of police bias in favour of the CoS, and a number of warnings that the police and the CoS are becoming alarmingly intertwined) and forming apparent alliances with local politicians [see:].

And they are not a Church. They charge excessive amounts of money for their services. They rigorously suppress dissent both inside and outside of the organization, and have institutionalized extreme, unethical and often illegal opposition to dissent and criticism both within and outside of the organization. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Church of Scientology is a profiteering exploitative oppressive fear-mongering totalitarian cult.

Despite the length of this writing, this is merely an abbreviated list of Scientology’s suspicious antics. For extensive video footage on the organization’s harassment, deceit, underhanded politicking, abuse of members, and for clear evidence of member indoctrination, visit For the stories of three ex-Scientology kids, visit

For more information on the February 10 2008 protest and the upcoming March 15 protest, visit and


For more posts on Scientology, click here.

7 Responses to “It’s L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday and SCIENTOLOGY IS A TOTALITARIAN TERRORIST CULT”
  1. John Morales says:

    It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who realized his aspiration to get rich by starting up a religion.

    Too true.
    But Ron is dead, and he got what he wanted.

    I doubt any consideration of what would occur after his death influenced any of his decision-making.

  2. anonymous is fail says:

    anonymous bigotry is morally wrong as is religious persecution … but legal … the 1st amendment must be maintained at all costs.

    so how does one go about the task of fighting bigotry and intolerance? … lets start with language.

    language has always been used to negatively influence the masses, conning them into commiting genocide, and other atrocious crimes against humanity, stirring the people into emotionally driven hate based fervor resulting in death and destruction … it has also been used to educate, and to free people from the bonds of physical and mental slavery. How can one be free to think, to grow mentally and intellectually, and to use language as a tool for communicating and or expressing ones ideas and thoughts if there are restrictions placed upon what can be said and or thought ?

    what happens to learning?

    who would be the judge of what is allowable?

    what speech was allowed under hitlers rule?

    From a “modern” thinker, in todays frame of reference, the words used by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels almost undeniably fall into the catagory of anti-semetic hate speech … but to the workers of the socialist party and the German citizens who supported Hitler and his rise to power, and subsequent war and genocidal efforts, his words were common sense to be followed unquestionably by the masses, any thoughts or ideas to the contrary were considered heresy, and the authors or speakers of those thoughts were either exiled, censored, or shot.

    would we be able to have this conversation today if freedom of speech were regulated?

    looking at this issue from a certain frame of reference, one could ask if this train of thought and/or discourse leads to thoughts of dissent, and the questioning of laws and the types of restraints and control upon which should be placed on human society and its use of language.
    could this concievably fall into the category of hatespeech against a certain type of facist govenment? could one be labeled an unlawful enemy combatant for uttering these words, and arrested and executed by the powers that be ?

    and while i do concur that to allow hatespeech is absolutely amoral, but, i must say, to limit ones freedom of speech is also amoral.

    which of course brings one around full circle to the problem of hatespeech, the results of hate speech, and what to do about it …….

    one idealistic solution would be to combat hatespeech with anti-hatespeech or peacespeech. turn the tide of the collective mind/consciousness of society against hatespeech. using language against those who propagate hatespeech could be a potentially effective weapon in the “fight”, draw the hatespeechers into public and show the fallacies in their words and logic. in this way, freedom of speech is maintained, and collectively hatespeech is made to be an unacceptable part of society.

    for example the word “nigger” .. it is no longer acceptable to use this word, one may be legaly free to use it, but out of respect, the general population doesnt, at least not publicly, and the media has shunned the word. the word nigger has been made socially unaccepable as a part of the struggle to free the “black” people from the bonds of slavery and social injustice.

    even the ever popular and powerful word “FUCK”, with its so many wonderous uses, is typically not used in church … but as soon as one leaves the holy parking lot …. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!”

    personally myself, in my own humble lowly opinion from this little keyboard in my infantessimally small point in the ever expanding universe, believe that this is an issue of personal and collective responsibility, one to be regulated by the thoughts and actions of the people as individuals and the resulting whole, not a legal issue, not one to be enforced by law or those in control. keep the law out of my head. keep thoughts free, keep discourse free, keep art free. freedom to think, write, love, and even hate should be free, BUT (behold the underlying truth) i do believe that people must be held responsible for their actions. it is ok to hate white people, but its not ok to kill them on the basis that they are white, and for one to spread hatespeech about white people, and propaganda to convince others to hate white people, is ones legal right, but, the act of propagating hatespeech is irresponsible, amoral, and detrimental to society just the same, and should be looked down upon, and corrected by society, in the same manner that it is the responsibility of the community to raise the child as well as the parents.

    i would hate to imagine a world where my thoughts and ideas become objectified, commodified and then regulated as such by law. what would i do ? what would i think ? what of my innate desires and morbid visions of death and destruction and violent fantasies of dismembering bodies and putting the pieces in mason jars and diposing of the parts along highway 95 by tossing the jars out the window every few miles ? would those thoughts become illegal ? or would the publication of those thoughts become illegal on the grounds that some dumb asshole might take my ideas to heart and acually act out what i have said?

    not only do i digress, but i have encountered another “thought circle” back to the question of personal and collective responsibility … i apologize.

    one must then wonder what would descarte might have said had he been placed under these legal linguistic restrictions ? “i can only think using the language that has been given me, therefore i am only what i have been permitted to be by those who have been given control over what thoughts and words i am allowed to use?”

    just a thought … and a few questions ….

  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    Anonymous is fail:

    The one thing that confused me about your post was the implication that such stances as the one that I took is in anyway a form of bigotry. I don’t see how this is so, as I made a point of emphasizing that I’m standing against the practices of the organization which are abusive to human rights; I even pointed out that individual Scientologists are often the most victimized. Scientology is run as a dangerous totalitarian fear-mongering oppressive cult. The fact that they call themselves a religion does not change this.

    On free speech: one major grey issue in free speech is lying. Is one free to say bold-faced lies? If I wanted to publicly go around telling people that you are a malevolent child molester, is that within my rights to free speech? I figure you would say that it isn’t. And so would I. The problem becomes on where to draw the line. For instance, Creationist apologetics. Creationist apologists spew out more half-truths, misrepresentations, and bold-faced lies in their opening remarks in a debate than many of us probably tell in our life times. But they are protected by such notions as the apparent sincerity and religious nature of their beliefs. Where do we draw the line? What if I claimed to sincerely believe that you were a child molester? Heck, what if I created my own little religion around it where you being a child molester was a part of my religious mythology?

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