Scientologist teen willing to KILL for Scientology?

This is a video of a teen Scientologist who is angrily frustrated by the way Scientology is viewed by most of society, questions what gives another person the right to talk negatively about his “religion” (answer: the same thing that gives us the right to criticize any other belief we find to be silly – … Continue reading

Kirstie Alley Talks Scientology with Playboy Magazine. Kind of Embarassing…

In an interview with Playboy, Kirstie Alley answered a few questions regarding Scientology. I was about to take the liberty of bolding the silly parts, but once I started I realized that I would be bolding basically the entirety of her first two responses. I’m serious. Just read it: Q 16 PLAYBOY: What’s left out … Continue reading

Tory Christman reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare

In these videos, former high-ranking Scientologist of 30 years, Tory (Magoo) Christman, reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare. An SP is someone who the Cult of Scientology administration has determined to be an enemy of the cult. They are viewed as evil, antisocial, and/or dangerous. Scientologists are not allowed to speak to them. Fraternizing with … Continue reading


It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who realized his aspiration to get rich by starting up a religion. It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who created a¬†totalitarian¬†Orwellian terrorist cult. Today we get to celebrate both. Today is the birthday of the … Continue reading