Scientology, what are YOUR crimes?

Paulette Cooper’s Sworn Testimony!

Paulette Cooper, one of the early critics of Scientology – the first to publish a book against the cult, The Scandal of Scientology, was framed for bomb threats, attempted to have incarcerated in a mental institution, had her personal life invaded numerous times in various ways, and harassed endlessly in a variety of ways by the cult. The cult’s … Continue reading

Next world protest of Scientology: May 10. GAME OVER?

The latest on the next worldwide Scientology protest: Date, Focus, Name Anonymous protesters are currently discussing the next international day of protest against the Cult of Scientology at Enturbulation.Org. Thus far, two thing appear to have been settled unequivocally. Firstly, the date is Saturday May 10, the anniversary of the publication of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics: The … Continue reading

Open Letter to Anonymous and Critics of Anonymous

In a post entitled The Anonymous Group are Juvenile Bigots, Scandalous Candice accuses Anonymous of being, well, juvenile and bigoted, and also says that they should spend their time on more worthy causes (e.g., organized religion as a whole, the Bush Administration, etc.). She also accuses Anonymous of sending an anthrax-lookalike to a Cult of … Continue reading

EPIC WIN: Hundreds of Toronto Anonymous PARTY HARD at March 15 Scientology Protest

Hundreds of Anonymous filled the sidewalk opposite the Toronto “Church” of Scientology on Saturday March 15 in the most recent major day of protest against the human rights abusing practices of the Cult of Scientology. Most attendance estimates seem to be in the 200-300 range. Police were very friendly and supportive. Protestors were enthusiastic, friendly … Continue reading

The Corporation of Scientology tries and fails to stop protests

The Corporation of Scientology was just denied a legal injunction to bar members of Anonymous from coming within 500 feet of Scientology buildings in Clearwater during the planned March 15 international day of protest. The Corporation claims that they have received thousands of harassing or threatening phone calls, 3.6 million “malicious” e-mails, 10 acts of … Continue reading


It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who realized his aspiration to get rich by starting up a religion. It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who created a totalitarian Orwellian terrorist cult. Today we get to celebrate both. Today is the birthday of the … Continue reading