SAVE BRENDA MARTIN: Woman held in Mexican jail for 2+ years without trial. HELP!

From SaveBrendaFund.Ca:

Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail since February 2006. Brenda’s family have been desperately attempting to raise awareness of her plight, calling on the Canadian Government to ensure that she receives a fair trial.

Brenda has had limited contact with her family and friends, and at this point, her fate is in the hands of the Mexican Government. Brenda, a Canadian Citizen, has now been held in jail, without due process, for over 2 years. She has tried to commit suicide three times, losing over 30 pounds making her under 100 pounds in weight. She is depressed and despondent and believes that no one cares. Those who have seen her recently say that she will not live for another 6 months unless she is freed from jail.

The Hon. Paul Macklin, P.C., former Liberal M.P. for Northumberland – Quinte West has been leading the fight for Brenda to have a fair, transparent trail – raising funds and awareness to this issue. Recently Paul stated that “We’re only just getting started, we have created the means for individuals to be part of this fight for individual human rights” he said. “This woman is Canadian and she needs our help. I think people understand that.”

Funds donated to the ‘Save Brenda Fund’ will go toward Brenda’s health needs and legal costs to help fight for Brenda Martin’s release.

I learned of Brenda Martin on CBC News tonight. I was absolutely heart-broken. I almost cried as I watched her cry and express her deep anguish and sense of helplessness as she endures this horrible inhumane injustice.

Martin appears to be absolutely innocent of all for which she is being held for. What is she being held for? She was detained because of big-money Internet fraud committed by her former employer. But she was a chef. She wasn’t in any of the meetings involved in planning and discussing the fraud operations. The head of the operation who is currently being held in the US, moreover, has even stated that she was uninvolved and unaware of what he had been working on during her 10 months of employment with him (before he terminated her employment).

The case of Brenda Martin is one of many cases of horrible inhumane treatment being exercised in the world today. Surely this story has brought to mind thoughts of Guantanamo. Seeing Brenda in her anguish brought to life the depth of the reality of these horrible situations.

 To make a donation to help fund Brenda’s health and legal costs, click here.

15 Responses to “SAVE BRENDA MARTIN: Woman held in Mexican jail for 2+ years without trial. HELP!”
  1. j. lochrie says:

    Please, let’s start a campaign to have Brenda Martin released from this Mexican nightmare. Canadians who rountinely visit the country of Mexico need to protest! As well, those of us who are haunted by this terrible miscarriage of justice, like myself, would like to help Brenda come home.

    How about a ribbon campain?



  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    If you would like to coordinate, I could take part in publicizing some sort of boycott Mexican travel protest until Martin is released.


  3. I think that’s a great idea. Why would any canadian want to go to Mexico knowing full well the treatment that has been handed out to Brenda Martin without any evidence to back it up. This is a travisty of Justice and make’s one loose faith in any sysmtem today. My heart goes out to Brenda and my prayers are with her every day. I feel so helpless and wish I knew what to do to help. Feel free to contact me for my support. Virginia

  4. shane says:

    If the primeminister of this country does not help this woman he is a nazi

  5. shane says:

    steven harper will be haunted by this injustice forever if he does not act/ why is it so hard to stand up to the corrupt mexician government?

  6. Jim Brown says:

    First of all, we must put a call to all Canadians and flood Stephen Harper’s email telling him to get off his ass and fix this problem. Secondly, definitely boycott anything Mexican. Thirdly, learn about the SPP. What happened to Brenda will be happening to us right here in Canada if we don’t fight this and win. If Harper doesn’t fix this problem, then let’s all get together, and in the spirit of his recent whining, sue him for not protecting our citizens. It’s his job, and I’ll bet he hasn’t even picked up a phone on the matter. Of course, he’s much too busy organizing the slaughter of innocent civilians in the middle east to worry about Brenda, so why don’t we do it ourselves? Anyone on internet phone who doesn’t pay long distance, call the Mexican president every hour on the hour and call that crack head judge every hour on the half hour, 24 hours per day and give em hell. They’ll fold or ban all telecommunications from Canada, then Harper will get off his ass!
    I don’t care what this woman did or didn’t do, she was not treated with due process, she’s been jailed for 2 years for what? There is nothing to discuss, she’s now innocent of anything and the Mexican government and judicial system is guilty of terrorist acts and we must hold them accountable. If our government won’t, then we, as civilians, must. We have the power to, do you have the will?

  7. Frank Daulby says:

    Almost everyone knows there is something not quite right about the Brenda Martin story: Brenda Martin is the Canadian woman being held in a Mexican jail waiting a long over due criminal trial.

    It is difficult to have anything but empathy for her pleas but: Anyone who has shopped in a grocery store with children has heard the Brenda Martin whine. It is almost always associated with a child, some might say, a brat not getting what she wants and like Ms Martin there are seldom any tears associated with the whining child, just demands.

    There is something very wrong with the Brenda Marin story but like the story of “The Emperors Clothes” everyone is refusing to spell it out.

    Ms Martin and her advocates expressing suicide and peppering their language with words like shoot and kill, have in the absence of any other personal drama stories, managed to become the most recent Canadian media darling. Her televised whimpering voice in stark contrast with her facial expression, body language, jewellery and clothing. Her advocates advising she won’t last another week. I hope I loose this bet but I am willing to bet she will out wit and out last any media attempt to ‘back page’ this story.

    We have to ask ourselves is it the Ms. Martin whine we are all reacting to?

  8. mike says:

    As above stated, there is something quite wrong with this picture.
    reminds of the story when Dog the bounty hunter got arrested in mexico for trying to catch a fugitive and it was all drama and he even made the larry king show how he was the victim in all this.

    sure sure he did a favor but still broke the law in mexico..
    so there seems to be more to this story.

    she was a chef eh? perhaps a chef that helped do the laundry? who knows, bottom line is I am sick of this story, lets get on with fighting drugs!!

  9. gerry says:

    it is time to boycott all travel to mexico, why should canadians support mexico when it is unsafe to travel. how many unsolved murders are there their of canadian citizens and now this travesty against a canadian citizen. there are far better places to go to and we as canadians deserve to be treated with honor, dignity and respect. i for one will never go to mexico as there is no protection for us (canadians) there. remember there is many commonwealth countries in the caribbean that welcome us as brothers and sisters to their land. Mexico needs to have a travel advisory placed on it by our foreign affairs ministry.

  10. Joyce says:

    Call Bonnie Sumlin in Mexico. She has helped Many.
    314-334-0977 or 044-314-357-0743

  11. MMoritz says:

    I am an American following this case because I am interested in the American woman that Martin pointed the finger at in exchange for a deal (which she never got).

    Why is it that I’ve heard this guy on American radio but not Canadian? He worked with Brenda Martin and has some interesting things to say about her…

  12. j says:

    I can’t believe what the Mexican goverment is doing to people like Brenda Martin. In Mexico its common for parents on vacation to be murdered in there hotel room, having your wife raped, being murdered for a few dollars. What happens when you go to the authorities and find that they are just as corrupt as the criminals. I for one am boycotting Mexico until the goverment trys to resolve their internal corruption. I found a petition that may help put pressure on the Mexican goverment to change.

  13. moys says:

    I believe she’s guilty and I will not waste my time petitioning my government to advocate for her. I wish the media had been more prudent and accurate when reporting this case instead of stirring up mass hysteria for all of you to buy in to.

  14. Tony says:

    She is Guilty , She need to serve her 5 years
    Just Because she is Canadian that does not make her Innocent

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