Clearwater, Florida: The town Scientology bought

Decades ago, L. Ron Hubbard moved his Cult of Scientology into Clearwater, Florida. The plan, entitled Project Normandy, was to take over Clearwater. Documentation of this comprehensive operation – which included plans to infiltrate government and media organizations, and to identify and “handle” enemies – was discovered in a 1977 FBI raid of Scientology headquarters.

Despite the discovery of Project Normandy, the cult has achieved notable success in carrying out this project. The cult has come to own a very generous proportion of the city, with the total value of owned property estimated at $40 million in 2000. Given the cult’s ambition to continue to expansion in Clearwater, I would be interested in knowing how much land they control now, 8 years later. Some have come to call Clearwater Scientology’s town.

An occupation in progress…  In this image you can see Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel (where at least 3 mysterious Scientologist deaths took place, most notably that of Lisa McPherson). The large building across from the Fort Harrison is Scientology’s nearly-complete Super Power Building. The Sandcastle is also the property of Scientology. Hopefully their next acquisition will not be the library…

Not only is the cult exerting control over much of the land, as of 2000 they also seemed to be exerting a fair bit of sway with the Clearwater police. In the video below produced by Mark Bunker (also known as Wise Beard Man), we see how the city’s police force (or, at minimum, a proportion of its officers) seem to have established a rather cozy relationship with the ambitious local cult. The relationship became so suspiciously cozy that numerous government and media figures and commentators, including former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares, stated that the Clearwater police force was moving dangerously close to becoming Scientology’s private security force.

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24 Responses to “Clearwater, Florida: The town Scientology bought”
  1. Pleco says:

    I for one am glad you are posting about this evil cult, and I hope you continue to do so. If you get “dissapeared”, we’ll know the likely suspects.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:


    Thanks, friend. Yeah, if I all of a sudden stop posting for more than 3-4 days, please raise hell!

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  4. Karri Capp says:

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  5. Darren Beckner says:

    how many scientologists are there in clearwater, florida?

    • jacob says:

      There are lots man there all over downtown about 90% of the people that walk around out there are sciontologist

    • Anonymous says:

      My daughter and her family live down there, there are thousands upon thousands of scientologists in clearwater. They do not want you near them. Pretty bad… It is cult that grows every day.

  6. jacob says:

    Hay im jacob i live in clearwater Florida and today i went downtown and started taking pictures on my cellphone of all the crazy cameras they had on almost every corner where they had a building that had something to do with there cult….these cameras were head length im 5″11 and the cams were about up to my face in a dark glass bowl and it looks like there put there to catch everyones face that walks by…..but back on topic lol……wile i was taking pics a sciontologist on a bike starts following me for a little bit i was on a bike also …..and as i rode by a bunch of other sciontologist one of them took. My picture which was weird but i just smiled and threw up a piece sign as he took My pic

  7. jacob says:

    Should i be worried about this and mabe hide my identity as go back through like put a mask or handkerchief over my face…..i really want to expose these bunch of sidewinders

  8. Jared white says:

    I was just in Clearwater….the zombie apocalypse is going on right now

    • jesey Grace says:

      I was in Clearwater for the opening of the flag building. The zombies were out in full force. I’ll stay in Jersey. I dont think they have a chance here.

  9. John Lester says:

    The manner in which Scientology Technology is usually enforced upon the public by the members of the Church of Scientology reflects the members ongoing incompetent and unethical application of that Technology. Members are only partially conscious regarding their own Technology and therefore still partially incompetent in its presentation.
    Those involved with Scientology, both inside and outside the Church, will be well aware of its friendly but chaotically operating administration, operational and management systems, including the unintentional but continually re-enforced upsets in public understanding and membership stability.
    The Church needs to take responsibility for eliminating the enforced affinity, communication, reality and understanding it currently dumps upon the public.
    It needs to re-introduce the Primary Rundown, to re introduce, emphasise and expand the use of the Power and Power Plus Processes, to incorporate Transactional Analysis or its equivalent to provide much more affinity, communication, reality and objectivity on the OT Levels (especially OT3) and by doing so to show more respect for the legacy of Ron Hubbard and Scientology Technology.
    The Church needs to get back to the original situation, where Affinity, Communication, Reality and Understanding were supported by the Curiosity and Desire that motivated each early scientologist.
    Unethical Enforcement leads inevitably to Inhibition, Absence, and Refusal by the public to consider the currently suppressed Scientology Technology.

  10. Тhank you, this is thee worst thing I’ve study

  11. Lizard says:

    The Scientologists own much more properties than these.

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  8. His grandeur he derived from Heaven alone, For he was great, ere fortune made him so….

    The argument of the stronger man is always the best….

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