Wise Beard Man Returns to YouTube!!

Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker has just had his YouTube account, xenutv1, reinstated! More from Mark Bunker: The Wog Blog XenuTV

Scientologists EXPOSED Trying to Stop Anon Protests in Clearwater (UPDATED)

A group of Clearwater merchants located near the local Cult of Scientology base have produced a petition asking Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard to prevent local Anonymous protesters of the cult from protesting. In reading this petition, it is very clear that Scientology is behind this. The contents of the letter are so completely Scientologized (i.e., full of lies … Continue reading

CarnivUL of The fraudless: exposing the CULT

Welcome to the first CarnivUL of The fraudless!!! This first CarnivUL(…T) will be dedicated to tracking major developments that have taken place since January in the international protest against the Cult of Scientology, discussing the why of the protest, the who of Anonymous, and compiling some of the best relevant YouTube video produced over the … Continue reading

GlossLip: A site at the frontlines of exposing Scientology

Over the past few months I have worked hard to continuously present information on the criminal and unethical activities of the Cult of Scientology, to keep people updated on major developments regarding Scientology and protest efforts, and in general to keep this dangerous cult under close scrutiny and active opposition by as many people as possible. … Continue reading

Copyright Lawsuits Not a Wise Move for Scientology

We are well past the point where efforts to silence critics – whether it be by harassment, threats, social or physical aggression, or lawsuits – has ceased to be an effective tool for Scientology, generally speaking. Given the thousands of extremely well-connected web-savvy Anonymous protesters and the ultra-charged Old Guard critics (e.g., Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker, Tory … Continue reading


Watch Mark Bunker’s full interview with Jason Beghe here. Spread the word! For more on Scientology, click here.

Scientology critic and Jason Beghe filmer’s YouTube account suspended

For the second time in well under a week a prominent critic of Scientology has had their YouTube account suspended. Suspended without explanation, moreover. A few days ago, it was ex-Scientologist Tory Christman who had her account, ToryMagoo44, unexplicably pulled, despite her never engaging in any terms of service violations (e.g., presenting copyrighted content). Her account, fortunately, was … Continue reading

Australia’s Current Affair and TodayTonight Cover Beghe on Scientology

Australia’s A Current Affair and TodayTonight gave great reports on the dramatic Jason Beghe defection from Scientology. TodayTonight surely pulled no punches, casually referring to Scientology as the cult that it is. It has surely been a bad week for Scientology’s floudering PR. In the course of the last few days, the cult has also … Continue reading

Jason Beghe’s damning expose of Scientology continues

Television actor Jason Beghe, the Cult of Scientology’s first celebrity defector, spilled another big heap of beans on Scientology and his experience in it in an interview with the Village Voice. Beghe spoke of how, as a spiritually curious person, he had been deeply intrigued by some of Scientology’s procedures and its claims at helping people … Continue reading

Scientology Loses Celebrity: Jason Beghe leaves and denounces cult

Television star Jason Beghe has left Scientology (or “blown”, in Scientology lingo) and has strongly denounced the cult that he was a member of for 14 years, describing it as “destructive and a rip-off”. According to Beghe, the cult is a danger to one’s spiritual, mental, emotional health and evolution, and the further one advances in … Continue reading