Clearwater City Council NOT Going to Stop Anonymous Protesters

The St. Petersburg Times (or the SP Times, heh) is reporting that to the chagrin of some petitioning locals who are primarily Scientologists, the Clearwater City Council has no intent of preventing Anonymous protesters from assembling in downtown Clearwater. As was posted on a few days ago, business workers, managers and owners – again, most of whom are Scientologists – petitioned to have Anonymous protesters banned from protesting in downtown Clearwater, saying that it is negatively affecting their businesses on protest days. They claimed that the protesters were not peaceful (though they gave no actual evidence of this claim), that they were preventing customers from entering their stores, and that they were ruining the local ambiance. The Council spent less than two minutes on this disingenuous clearly cult-related petition, and have no intention of considering the issue any further. Hear, hear!

Just a quick suggestion to local business owners concerned about their financial viability. Y’know what can really hurt your business? Having it located in a town that a malevolent cult is trying and having some success in taking over as their mecca. A recent Gallup study has demonstrated an unsurprising social trend: Scientologists are the least trusted religious/spiritual group in the US. So when retirees who are interested in flying South for their Golden Years, some are probably not going to want to live in a town over-run by aggressive cultists. And when vacationers are picking amongst Florida hotspots, which of the following are they most likely to have an immediately negative opinion of: Daytona, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlanda, or Scientologisrael? (Note: I am not implying that contemporary Judaism is morally comparable to Scientology).

For more on Scientology, click here.

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