To parents of Anonymous protesters of Scientology

Tory Christman, former high-ranking Scientologist who was a member of the cult for 30 years, has released a pair of YouTube videos addressed primarily to the parents of Anonymous protesters of Scientology. In this set of videos she says that parents should be very proud of their children, as they are standing up for freedom of speech, and they are standing against an oppressive family-destroying mafia cult. Tory speaks about the underhandedness and the seriousness of the threats posed by the Cult of Scientology. She speaks of their spying, lying, masquerading, manipulating, and many of the other devious and morally-vacuous practices that this cult will engage in to control people. She goes into particular detail about how the cult has a history of tearing families apart – causing divorce, ostracism of parents by their children, the ending of friendships, and so on. I recommend that everyone watch these videos. To those who are already protesting, these videos serve as a reminder of why we fight. To those on the sidelines, they present just some of the reasons for why protest is needed. To parents of protesters, they send home the heartfelt message that you should be very proud of your children. To those who think that Anonymous is a religious hate group, they show that the protests are not about religious bigotry in the slightest. This is about protecting rights and protecting people, and stopping abuse. And moroever, SCIENTOLOGY IS NOT A RELIGION. IT’S A FEAR-MONGERING PROFITEERING POWER-HUNGRY SUPPRESSIVE OPPRESSIVE CULT. PERIOD. Those who stand against it are freedom fighters. They’re heroes. And people like Tory Christman, Bob Minton, Mark Bunker, and ex-Scientologists Stacy Brooks, Jesse Prince (former #2 in Scientology), Jenna Miscavige Hill (niece of Scientology head, David Miscavige), Astra Woodcraft, and Kendra Wiseman (daughter of prominent Scientologist involved in the cult’s anti-psychiatry movement) who have been fighting the cult for years (“before it was cool”) and/or escaped the cult and stand against it at notable personal risk are heroes of the highest order. 

Video 1:

Video 2:

Speaking of family dissolution, the next Anonymous international protest against Scientology on April 12 is dedicated to bringing attention to Scientology’s Disconnection policies and to encourage and help families separated by the cult to reconnect. The April 12 protest is appropriately titled Operation Reconnect. Here is an information video.

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