The Young Turks: A Growing Voice For Reason

The Young Turks (TYT) is a burgeoning American independent news and views organization. With their daily, even-handed, candid, insightful and humourous coverage of various issues across the political spectrum, TYT’s YouTube channel has amassed a massive following. They are a demonstration of the sort of standard that major news media does not live up to. They ask the hard questions. They call spades spades.

Their success has not gone unnoticed. Host Cenk Uygur has been an invited guest on a number of major news broadcasts (e.g., CNN), contributes to the Huffington Post, and has received a flurry of endorsements and support in his self-declared candidacy for a spot on CNBC primetime.

Of particular interest to the freethought community is Uygur’s advocacy for reason and secularism. He will flat out say on news media that the religious right is out of its collective mind. He has stated flat out that our religions are not reasonable belief systems. And most recently, he reported on the size of the nonreligious segment of American society (15% according to the just-released study out of Trinity College in in Hartford, Conneticut), and how the nonreligious are the third largest and the fastest growing religious/nonreligious group in the country. He also acknowledged the nonreligious minority’s history of being marginalized, distrusted and denigrated and the imperative that this block of society mobilize. After stating his membership in this community, he reached out to his co-non-religionists and declared

“Lets stand up and be heard. ‘Cause they’ve run over us for too long. We’re the logical ones. So lets be heard.”

On the other side of the page, he exclaimed that those members of the religious right who are so far gone as to be wishing for the end of the world are the ones that we need to be marginalizing.

Here is the video:

I encourage everyone to check out TYT’s YouTube channel.

2 Responses to “The Young Turks: A Growing Voice For Reason”
  1. Tar and feathered? Sounds like hate speach.

    If you are truly atheist, why invoke God’s name?

    Atheists are not prevented from politics.
    Faith was required in many states when our nation was founded.

    Our country has been turned topsy-turvey in that today atheists are given standing over believers in our courts, regardless of what the Constitution says about the grevience.

  2. namaps says:

    I don’t think news commentary qualifies as “a demonstration of the sort of standard that major news media does not live up to” very well. Saying something like that is painfully reminiscent of the folks who get their news from Glenn Beck’s program because he “asks the hard questions.” The Young Turks have an interesting channel and I watch from time to time, but it’s not true news.

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