Ricky Gervais: How I went from Jesus-loving Christian to fun-loving infidel in an afternoon

Ricky Gervais – creator and star of the original BBC program The Office and Extras, and co-star of A Night at the Museumdescribes his rapid deconversion from Christianity to atheism. At the age of 8 Gervais was asked why he believed in God by his older brother, who he described as being both very smart and cheeky. Upon hearing this question, the mother panicked, according to Gervais. This led Gervais to wonder why being asked to consider this question was a cause for concern to his mother. If God were real and one’s faith was strong, it shouldn’t matter what others say. Gervais reports after an hour of pondering, he became an atheist and has never turned back.

Hat Tip: Pharyngula

17 Responses to “Ricky Gervais: How I went from Jesus-loving Christian to fun-loving infidel in an afternoon”
  1. Matt says:

    Any belief that can’t stand up to scrutiny or objective criticism isn’t much of a belief to start with, afterall.

  2. Zennalathas says:

    It took him a whole hour?!

  3. Sasha says:

    God is real, and he did send his son 2000 years ago, so we could all have life. You really have to experience the rebirth of Jesus to understand God’s love and his truth. I know it may seem ridiculous, but you are filled with evidence of his design. Your body is amazing, and you have an inner desire for love, a love that only God can provide. Not to mention death seems so unfortunate, because innately, we know we are supposed to live forever. Ask God if he is real, and you will get an answer, I did!

    • Lord Ayers says:

      I agree with you. The paths to God are numerous and excuiting. I myself am disappointed that Ricky Gervais fell to disbelief so easily. I have learned enough in my brief time here, to know of the great mysterious God that seems silent to most, and I see his hand where other see random events.

  4. Matt says:

    The human body is amazing, yes.
    But was it designed? Oh, I surely hope not … for it is was, then the designer was a bit of an idiot. Actually, a huge idiot.
    There are so many flaws in the human body that any first year engineering student would be ashamed of such work, form the idiotic levels of stress of the lower spine has to take, the design of joints, the way the sinus works to even unneeded organs like the appendix.

    Of course, the presence of all these flaws (and more) are explained by the good ol’ Theory of Evolution. Under your reasoning from design, either god is an incompetent idiot or he doesn’t exist. Which would you prefer?

    • Scott says:

      I don’t know how well you have studied The Evolution THEORY but science itself discredits this THEORY. Evolution states that everything formed from ooz that eventually evolved into a single cell organism. The ooz that had no life created life. Not possible and science agrees. You have to have life to create life. This single cells organism, scientist have tryed for many years to recreate but have gottin no where near close to doing so because of the complexity in one cell. They will never be able to do this because God created us, not ooz.
      Also in this THEORY it states that everything formed from this ooz. So this would mean that a plant and an animal evolved from the same ooz. The cell mack-up of a plant and Animal are quiet different. I’m sure one could try to argue that this is just another sign of evolution but come one. Your trying to tell me you are related to a tree.
      Darwin also states that man is more evolved then woman and that a white man is more evolved then a black man. Which only goes to show the actual level of intellagence of the man who wrote these false acussations.

      I’m sorry I ever rented this movie but then if I had not rented it, I wouldn’t have had the oppertunity to speak with you. So i guess this film served some purpose and I thank you for reading this.

      • scott says:

        the film I’m talking about is “the Invention of Lying”. Because I rented it, I found this blog, and discovered the writer was Atheist. I don’t recommend it.(the film or Atheism)

      • Jack says:

        are you that idiotic? look up your facts, over 80% of the science community would rest their hands on evolution, its only a theory because its all facts that are building up. Evolution isn’t one large fact, its a collection of thousands and scientists are doing their job to prove all of them and find all of them. Religion on the other hand has never. proven. anything. your ignorance is just hilarious, ricky would love to smack you in the face. do some thinking, don’t be blind, and get your head out of the bible. Do this world a favor, not god.

    • B. White says:

      So you think a first year engineering student could do better? What piece of human engineering functions day and night for an average of 80 years without ever stopping? What piece of human engineering has the capacity to think for itself? First year engineering student? Come on. The only flaw I see was allowing idiots to think they are so smart.

    • Lord Ayers says:

      I would prefer to impale you with a heated metal muddler sir! Dare you speak such uncouth things when you are sheerly ignorant. But it says….the ignorant may be forgiven, for their ignorance, your ignorance is an excuse within itself.

  5. L. Ron Brown says:


    I’m going to subcontract this argument out to Matt (I hope he doesn’t mind…), but I just want to say that you should read the post I’m about to link as it lists the inadequacies that every religious argument that I have ever heard have been hobbled irreparably by: https://theframeproblem.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/the-short-comings-of-every-theistic-argument-that-i-have-ever-heard-and-the-one-type-of-case-that-gives-me-some-pause/

    There is no kind way to say this: No compelling case has ever been made to justify belief in Christianity or any other religion.

  6. Michael says:

    Some people are born blind or deaf, most are born really really dumb.
    But any person who attains to a higher state of conscious thought either through drugs or yogic meditation or near death experience, eventually receives absolute proof that GOD is real and beautiful and created everything perfectly.

    And, those who have yet to realize this Truth about God, they’re basically just dumb, blind, deaf, and rather boring and unimaginative.

  7. Dan says:

    What’s the point of being an atheist I mean if you don’t believe In anything isn’t that a bit depressing living your life thinking it’s all for nothing.

  8. Karl says:

    I was born and raised Lutheran (Christian). Both my Parents are Lutheran. I stopped believeing in God after I had my communion.
    I don’t believe in anything except for the kidness of helping people in their time of need. If I can’t see God and I don’t mean through miracles or superstion or coincidences, to whatever how can I possibly believe in something that I can’t see and know for a fact doesn’t exist. There’s nothing beyond those clouds there’s no Pearly gates or Saint Peter waiting at them or a Big white old man with a white beard and white clothes! Just sky and space my friends, sky and space!

    • Anonymous says:

      No one is born a Lutheran (Christian). I think you mean that you were raised in a family that associated itself (probably loosely) with Christianity through the Lutheran denomination. In my experience, Lutherans do tend to be a stale lot, so the chances are high (imo) that your family only had a bit of tradition, without any real faith.
      But I agree, your straw man doesn’t exist. No one claims there is a Big White Old Man with a White Beard behind the clouds.

      I doubt you have any love for your family. Why? Because I can’t see that love. Can you see the love that you have for your family?

      I doubt that you stick to the ground. Why? Because I can’t see gravity.

      I doubt that you live in a modern house. Why? Because, by your own admission, you can’t believe in anything that you can’t see, so I know you wouldn’t be foolish enough to live in a house with electricity.

      I bet you don’t even believe in China!

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