CarnivUL of The fraudless: exposing the CULT

Welcome to the first CarnivUL of The fraudless!!! This first CarnivUL(…T) will be dedicated to tracking major developments that have taken place since January in the international protest against the Cult of Scientology, discussing the why of the protest, the who of Anonymous, and compiling some of the best relevant YouTube video produced over the … Continue reading

Scientology critic and Jason Beghe filmer’s YouTube account suspended

For the second time in well under a week a prominent critic of Scientology has had their YouTube account suspended. Suspended without explanation, moreover. A few days ago, it was ex-Scientologist Tory Christman who had her account, ToryMagoo44, unexplicably pulled, despite her never engaging in any terms of service violations (e.g., presenting copyrighted content). Her account, fortunately, was … Continue reading

YouTube removes ToryMagoo44 Account [Update: ACCOUNT RESTORED]

Tory Christman, former high-ranking Scientologist of 30 years and noted critic of the cult since 2000, has just had her YouTube account, ToryMagoo44, removed by YouTube. Why? On what basis was this done? Did she infringe on copyrights? No. Was she bigotted? No. And even if she were bigotted in her videos (which she has … Continue reading