BRUTAL Fair Gaming in Canada: Scientology’s Attempts to Ruin Gregg Hagglund

Gregg Hagglund has been a civilized and ethical picketer of the Cult of Scientology since the mid-90s. He has picketed in front of the Toronto Scientology Org over 80 times and played an integral role in the defeat of Scientology’s application for charity status in Canada. The Cult’s response to this was anything but civilized … Continue reading

Scientologists Picket Toronto Protester at His Home and Get OWNED

Noted long-time Toronto Scientology picketer and officially Declared “Suppressive Person” (SP; Scientology lingo which essentially means “anybody who opposes the Cult of Scientology in anyway for anything”) Gregg Hagglund has just posted video footage from back around Y2K when his home was being maliciously picketed by Scientologists spreading lies about him, in retaliation of his truthful pickets … Continue reading

Jason Beghe’s damning expose of Scientology continues

Television actor Jason Beghe, the Cult of Scientology’s first celebrity defector, spilled another big heap of beans on Scientology and his experience in it in an interview with the Village Voice. Beghe spoke of how, as a spiritually curious person, he had been deeply intrigued by some of Scientology’s procedures and its claims at helping people … Continue reading

Why protest Scientology? WATCH. THIS. VIDEO.

A New York protester who is the son of a Scientologist gives a brief account of some of the more heinous ways in which the Cult of Scientology muzzles its critics and isolates its members. For more on Scientology, click here.

Next world protest of Scientology: May 10. GAME OVER?

The latest on the next worldwide Scientology protest: Date, Focus, Name Anonymous protesters are currently discussing the next international day of protest against the Cult of Scientology at Enturbulation.Org. Thus far, two thing appear to have been settled unequivocally. Firstly, the date is Saturday May 10, the anniversary of the publication of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics: The … Continue reading

Former high-ranking Aussie Scientologist, David Graham, speaks out against Cult

After years of silence out of fear of retribution, Ex-Scientologist David Graham of Australia is calling for the complete dismantling of the Cult of Scientology because of the human rights abuses he claims it inflicts on its followers. “I think it needs to be totally dismantled to help save the people in it. It is … Continue reading

Sometimes it pays to be an SP

Because I oppose the Cult of Scientology’s terrorist mafia practices (or, their “religious freedom” as their spokespeople might euphemistically term it), I am surely eligible for the Scientology label of Suppressive Person, or SP. This is not a problem for me. After all, when a suppressive organization labels an individual a suppressive person, one can infer using … Continue reading

Tory Christman reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare

In these videos, former high-ranking Scientologist of 30 years, Tory (Magoo) Christman, reads her Suppressive Person (SP) Declare. An SP is someone who the Cult of Scientology administration has determined to be an enemy of the cult. They are viewed as evil, antisocial, and/or dangerous. Scientologists are not allowed to speak to them. Fraternizing with … Continue reading

Open Letter to Anonymous and Critics of Anonymous

In a post entitled The Anonymous Group are Juvenile Bigots, Scandalous Candice accuses Anonymous of being, well, juvenile and bigoted, and also says that they should spend their time on more worthy causes (e.g., organized religion as a whole, the Bush Administration, etc.). She also accuses Anonymous of sending an anthrax-lookalike to a Cult of … Continue reading

The Cult of Scientology’s way of dealing with protesters: Bull baiting and the manufacturing of crimes

The Cult of Scientology is a widely distrusted, disliked and unrespected organization, and for good reason. One of the most well-known varieties of Scientology’s deplorable conduct is how they deal with their critics. Scientology’s Fair Game policy, which still applies to “Suppressive Persons” (SPs; i.e., those who have been determined to be enemies of the cult by … Continue reading