BBC’s John Sweeney Remember’s Shawn Lonsdale, One of the Bravest Scientology Critics to Ever Live

In 2005, John Sweeney and associates produced the documentary Scientology & Me for the BBC. During his researching of the cult, Sweeney met Shawn Lonsdale, one of the most brave, self-sacrificing and steadfast watchdogs of the cult to have ever lived. Lonsdale told Sweeney and the BBC of how Scientologists had spent years terrorizing him … Continue reading

CarnivUL of The fraudless: exposing the CULT

Welcome to the first CarnivUL of The fraudless!!! This first CarnivUL(…T) will be dedicated to tracking major developments that have taken place since January in the international protest against the Cult of Scientology, discussing the why of the protest, the who of Anonymous, and compiling some of the best relevant YouTube video produced over the … Continue reading

Tory Christman on Shawn Lonsdale, Scientologist deaths, and how the Cult sweeps the deaths under the rug

First, introductions. Tory Christman is a former Scientologist of 30 years who achieved the second highest educational level in Scientology: Operating Thetan level 7 (or, OT7). Around Y2K she abruptly severed her ties with the cult (or “blew”, in Scientology speak), and almost immediately after became one of the cult’s most vocal critics, joining the … Continue reading