On personal spiritualism and liberal religiosity

A little while back a friend asked me if I thought that recent violent acts by religious fundamentalists have stained the benefits of interiorized spirituality. Since this is a good question and one at the heart of much of my thinking on religion and “spirituality” (I’ll explain the shutter quotes later), I figured I’d make … Continue reading

Gravity: A theory in crisis. Enter Intelligent Falling.

Evangelical scientists refute gravity with new “Intelligent Falling” Theory. Request for equal time in schools has been made.

The funniest Bible verse that I have ever read

I’m currently reading the Bible, Old Testament and New. Working my way through Deuteronomy I nearly broke out laughing when I read this: Duty to a Dead Brother (25.5-10) “If two brothers live on the same propery and one of them dies, leaving no son, then his widow is not to be married to someone … Continue reading

The short-comings of every theist argument that I have ever heard, and the one type of case that gives me some pause

 I am an agnostic atheist. An agnostic atheist is one who does not make the assertive statement “There is no God”, but simply lacks a belief in any God. I do not know for certain that there is no God, so I won’t claim such knowledge. In my experience, though, I have had no experiences … Continue reading

Over 11,000 American Clergy oppose Intelligent Design

Ken at Open Parachute reports on the Clergy Letter Project, an effort to collect signatures from American Clergy who oppose the teaching of Intelligent Design Creationism and schools and who ascent to evolutionary biology. Begun in Fall2004, as of the time of this writing the Clergy Letter Project has collected 11,147 signatures. Compare this to … Continue reading

I would like to welcome Reynard T, soon to be ex-Christian, to atheism!

Devout Christian reader Reynard T had this to say in response to my religion/myth book section photo: It just shows the ignorance and misinformation that people have about the reliability of the Bible. The history section perhaps but the Bible is the most reliable book in history and the message in it is the ONLY one … Continue reading