Madeline Neumann and Why Society Should Stop Insulating Religion From Rational Scrutiny

On Wednesday Marathon Country District Attorney Jill Falstad annouced that Dale and Leilani Neumann would each be charged with second-degree reckless homicide (maximum punishment: 25 years in prison) for their failure to seek medical attention for their ailing daughter – relying instead on prayer – who withered away and died of a treatable form of … Continue reading

Respect for religious beliefs stems primarily from politics, not compassion or respect; The case of Scientology

Religious moderates and appeasing nontheists frequently admonish those critical of religious belief to respect the beliefs of others. They often frame the treatment of religious beliefs in terms of respect, civility and compassion. I have argued that these considerations are merely the tip of the iceberg, with main operative factor being political power. If considerations … Continue reading