Jason Beghe, Lawrence Wollersheim and Tommy and Jennifer Gorman Commend Anonymous

On May 10, the day of Operation: FairGameStop, Jason Beghe, Lawrence Wollersheim (the man who successfully sued Scientology for over $9 million) and Tommy and Jennifer Gorman (ex-Scientologists and seasoned critics) took part in the international protest against Scientology, delivered their thanks to Anonymous, and encouraged everyone to continue standing up for freethought and rationality. … Continue reading

Sam Harris: It’s not about atheism, it’s about reason and genuine respect for the well-being of others

Having just watched the recent Sam Harris + Rabbi David Wolpe debate on the existence of God, I was reminded of Sam Harris’ very important and agreeable position that a big part of the cultural struggle being fought be secularists should not be about atheism specifically, but about reason generally. Now, the subject of religion … Continue reading

Break the cycle of circular religious reasoning

(Hat Tip: Jack Rivall)

This Christian apologist is just not getting it! Maybe theism really can be a cognitive neurological disorder…

On a few occasions before I have said that debating with theists can be like pushing against a brick wall. Well, I’ve been debating a Christian theist who is clearly as dense as a brick, so it is not surprising that my previous statement has proven true once again. Read on to see how this … Continue reading

God never asks that we kiss our brains goodbye…

Ignorance and Ideological Rigidity: Achilles’ heels of democracies and individuals

Larry Moran asks At what point does something become an “ethical” issue for society? How many people have to be against something on “ethical” grounds” in order for it to become an ethical problem? What if their objections are irrational? For example I imagine that US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is against stem cell research … Continue reading