Crash this poll! (UPDATED)

A poll is being hosted on a Pro-ID Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed MySpace page. The poll, which is found down the page on the left, asks if you think that Intelligent Design should be taught in American public schools. When PZ Myers linked the poll, the totals showed a 3:1 ratio favouring the teaching of … Continue reading

Have you been expelled from pro-Expelled media (e.g., blogs)?

I was recently prevented from expressing dissent on a pro-Expelled blog. I know that I am not the first person to have been expelled for disagreeing with IDists, and will surely not the be last. PZ Myers of Pharyngula has been banned from commenting on a number of pro-ID blogs (e.g., Uncommon Dissent) and¬†was prevented … Continue reading

TFP Must Reads

The following articles are must-reads: In the wake of the release of Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Science¬†After Sunclipse writes an absolutely excellent piece (so excellent, in fact, that it was prominently linked on PZ Myers’ Pharyngula, which is, to my knowledge, the world’s most read science blog) on the depressing track record of … Continue reading

Expelled promoters lie…Who woulda thought?

John M. Lynch of ScienceBlogs blog Stranger Fruit was sent an email from the promoters of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed telling him that a local pre-screening of the crocumentary had been canceled. It was not canceled. Interestingly, the email about the “cancelation” was sent to only 29% of those who received the initial invitation, with … Continue reading

PZ Myers EXPELLED from Expelled!?!?

A number of blogs have already commented on this unsurprising bit of irony: the makers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (an upcoming Intelligent Design/Creationist crocumentary attempting to cast mainstream science – and evolutionary science in particular – as a dogmatic and somewhat totalitarianesque regime, to misrepresent evolutionary biology and the research behind it, and to … Continue reading

Expelled: No Intelligent Flying Spaghetti Monsters Allowed

I’m mad. Flaming mad! I thought the scientific community was about academic freedom, following the evidence wherever it leads, and expelling dogmatism. That was until I saw this documentary preview. I was wrong. The scientific community that I had long trusted and respected has been usurped by Darwinist dogmatists. Richard Dawkins may be Darwin’s Rottweiler, … Continue reading

The troubles of debating Creationists

Steven Novella of NeuroLogica has written an incisive analysis of PR strategies that are apparently being employed by Creationists, particularly when it comes to debating evolution and Creationism. I highly recommend reading his analysis, which I present below.

The latest antics of the Dishonesty, errr, Discovery Institute

It must be nice to value honesty so little as to have no qualms with deleting conversations that make you look bad from your website. I wonder how the Discovery Institute is able to reconcile their dishonesty with their Christian morals. Hmm, well I guess if you’re lying for Jesus it’s okay.

Mike Huckabee: His ignorance might be cute if he were a five year old and weren’t running for President…

Larry Moran at Sandwalk has posted a video in which Mike Huckabee, as Governor of Arkansas, claims that evolution is just a theory, is not an established fact, and that it the fair thing to do is teach Creationism along with the theory of evolution because many people believe it. Apparently Huckabee is unaware that … Continue reading

Could we hold the ultimate atheist conference?!

Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, best known for having sold his soul on eBay, has opened discussion on the topic of having a MAJOR atheist/nontheist/secularist/humanist/freethinker conference in 2010. The conference would bring people from across the continent together to meet, network, exchange ideas, establish new directions and concerns for secular activism, and show Washington, the … Continue reading