Political Correctness Gone Mad: Pretending That Our Religions Are Not Inane

What is political correctness gone mad? To-the-letter upholding of the US Constitution or pretending that baseless religious doctrinal claims are not an absurd set of foundations for one’s views on the universe, morality, life and the afterlife? Reason versus Bill O’Reilly.

On personal spiritualism and liberal religiosity

A little while back a friend asked me if I thought that recent violent acts by religious fundamentalists have stained the benefits of interiorized spirituality. Since this is a good question and one at the heart of much of my thinking on religion and “spirituality” (I’ll explain the shutter quotes later), I figured I’d make … Continue reading

Murder plot against Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard

JP.DK reports that Early this morning Danish police arrested several individuals of Muslim background suspected of conspiring to kill Kurt Westergaard, one of the 12 Danish cartoonists who on September 30, 2005 published cartoons of alleged Muslim prophet.

Have you been discriminated against on MySpace, YouTube, GoogleVideo, Facebook or any other social utility?

It’s becoming less and less of a secret that people are being censored or banned from services such as MySpace, YouTube, GoogleVideo, Facebook and other popular social utilities. One group that has incurred a fair amount of this suppression is atheists critical of religion. If you have been suppressed for atheism or anything else let … Continue reading

Respect for religious beliefs stems primarily from politics, not compassion or respect; The case of Scientology

Religious moderates and appeasing nontheists frequently admonish those critical of religious belief to respect the beliefs of others. They often frame the treatment of religious beliefs in terms of respect, civility and compassion. I have argued that these considerations are merely the tip of the iceberg, with main operative factor being political power. If considerations … Continue reading

MUHAMMED. There. I said it.

Political correctness in the form of bending over to the extremist and genuinely oppressive subset of the Muslim population has entered The Frame Problem. In response to The Koran in Question? Powerful new evidence against Islam?, a reader submitted the following comment: