My email to the Strathclyde (Glasgow) Police Force

I just sent the following email to the Strathclyde police force regarding their recent banning of the term “cult” with respect to the Cult of Scientology. The police department can be emailed at Greetings, I am writing to express my strong disagreement with the department’s banning of the use of the term “cult” with … Continue reading

Scientologist attacks Anon in SanFran (Source: Tommy Gorman)

Tommy Gorman has just released a video of the aftermath of what he and others said was an attack by a Scientologist on an anonymous protester outside of a Saturday night Scientology event in San Francisco. Police were on the scene. Gorman claims Scientologist was arrested. For more on Scientology, click here.

Open Letter to Farmington Hills, Michigan Authorities From Anon, Re: Scientology Protests

A Farmington Hills, Michigan based Anonymous protester of the Cult of Scientology has asked me to post his letter to the City Manager, City Council and Chief of Police of Farmington Hills, respectively. In this letter, the protester describes what appears to be a taking of sides on the part of the local police in … Continue reading