Toronto Anons’ Close Scientology Org in 2 minutes. An Open Challenge.

A small flash flier raid on Tuesday outside of the Toronto Scientology building led Scientologists to close down the building in 2 minutes! Maybe this is why Scientology is floundering. L. Ron Hubbard said that Scientologists must confront and shatter suppression. I’m not sure that closing down the building, hiding from protesters (or Suppressive Persons), and disingenuously … Continue reading

Another weekend, another set of mini-raids on the Cult of Scientology!

Just doing a regular check-up on YouTube to see if any new videos have been filed under “Scientology” – which, of course, they have. It’s the end of another weekend, which means an onslaught of videos from weekend CoS mini-raids from around the world. Here are clips from a few:

Mini-Raid on Scientology in Toronto

Yesterday, a small group of Toronto area Anons engaged in a spontaneous mini-raid picket on the Cult of Scientology. This was reported to be the third mini-raid on Scientology in Toronto – at least by this set of individuals. There was also a mini-raid of the Pickering Flea Market (where a Dianetics booth is set up), just … Continue reading