Plymouth Scientology Protester/YouTuber Fair Game’d and Arrested

Avid Plymouth, England based Scientology protester and YouTuber Stuart D Wyatt (YouTube account: PlymouthScientology) was raided by police and arrested earlier this week based on what he describes as a false claim by a Scientologist of an assault. While not charged with harassment, he has been prohibited by police from going anywhere near any “Church” of … Continue reading

Tom Cruise, you’re totally killin’ my mellow, dude…

From The Shallow End: “Actor Tom Cruise is apparently blowing smoke that a new strand of medical marijuana, ‘Tom Cruise Purple’ has been named in his honour. A devout Scientologist, Tom is totally opposed to prescription medicine – even the herbal type it seems – and is apparently considering legal action. One of Tom’s mates, … Continue reading

New study indicates that marijuana smokers face rapid lung destruction

Marijuana Smokers Face Rapid Lung Destruction As Much As 20 Years Ahead Of Tobacco Smokers (Jan. 27, 2008) — A new study finds that the development of bullous lung disease occurs in marijuana smokers approximately 20 years earlier than tobacco smokers.