Heartbreaking story of how Church of Scientology’s psychological abuse and indoctrination pushed father, John Boucher, toward suicide

The daughter of John Boucher spoke at the Washington DC March 15 Anonymous Scientology picket about how the Cult of Scientology’s psychological abuse and indoctrination led Boucher to believe that he was a Suppressive Person (SP), that this was his fault, and that this is the reason why he was unable to be well and progress … Continue reading

Did the Los Angeles “Church” of Scientology employ a man with gun to watch over Anonymous?

There are strong allegations being made that the Los Angeles “Church” of Scientology employed a man with a gun to watch over Anonymous at the March 15th protest. The man is also accused of brandishing the weapon. While the man denies being employed by the Co$, it is asserted in this video that he was … Continue reading

Atlanta police in the back pocket of the “Church” of Scientology? Peaceful protestors arrested and honkers ticketed at Atlanta March 15 Anonymous protest

In what appears to be a collection of eggregious acts of police injustice, Atlanta police officers arrested a set of peaceful protestors and ticketed a number of drivers who honked in support of the protestors at yesterday’s Anonymous protest on Scientology in Atlanta, Georgia. Two protestors were arrested, apparently for speaking and chanting at the … Continue reading

EPIC WIN: Hundreds of Toronto Anonymous PARTY HARD at March 15 Scientology Protest

Hundreds of Anonymous filled the sidewalk opposite the Toronto “Church” of Scientology on Saturday March 15 in the most recent major day of protest against the human rights abusing practices of the Cult of Scientology. Most attendance estimates seem to be in the 200-300 range. Police were very friendly and supportive. Protestors were enthusiastic, friendly … Continue reading