Adapting to Modern Scientology PR Warfare: The Soundbite

Co-evolution is a regular part of any struggle. Each side vies to always be ready for what the other side is going to throw at them, while always staying one step ahead of the adversary so as to leave them in a state of defensive impotence. The result: a bi-directional game of cat and mouse … Continue reading

Belgian authorities raid Cult of Scientology

Belgian authorities have raided the local Cult of Scientology, seizing documents, financial records and computer equipment. Following the raid, authorities sealed off the local cult base. The Cult in Belgium “is being investigated for extortion and fraud after posting false job openings in newspapers then attempting to get those who applied to join” the Cult. … Continue reading

Belgian prosecutor: Church of Scientology is a criminal organization

A video posted on YouTube last year shows a news report on how the Cult of Scientology was facing the possibility of facing trial for charges of fraud and extortion. A 10-year invesitigation led a Belgian prosecutor to contend that the cult should be labeled a criminal organization. Investigation of the cult in Belgium was … Continue reading