Ex-Scientologist Calls CoS a Nazi Organization

Ex-Scientologist and now declared Suppressive Person (SP) Skip Press (whose course completions within CoS are listed hereĀ – not sure if this is up-to-date, however) describes the “Church” of Scientology as a Nazi organization. Press claims to have been declared an SP for having left Scientology’s Sea Org, which he described as essentially being a slave … Continue reading

Death of the Ideal Scientologist, Konrad Aigner

Alongside a well-placed ad from the Cult of Scientology encouraging viewers to “Get the facts” is an article by John Brown entitled The Ideal Scientologist: Konrad Aigner. This must-read story summarizes the life and death in Scientology of Konrad Aigner. Aigner joined the cult in 1976, after leaving his family’s German farm to take up … Continue reading

Munich Anons Egged By Scientologist?!

Munich, Germany Anonymous protester claims that a Scientologist was caught and assigned a court date for hurling eggs at protesters on Saturday, May 10 at Operation: FairGameStop. I’ll try to keep up on the news on this case. If anyone hears anything on this, please provide links in comment section. For more on Scientology from … Continue reading

Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology Gone?

A rumour has begun on the EnturbulationĀ forumĀ (i.e., the main international forum where protests against the Cult of Scientology are planned and promoted) that the Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology base has been abandoned. I have no idea regarding the truth of the claim, but here it is: “As for the raid, it was definitly more … Continue reading

Michael Schmidt-Salomon’s new anti-religion children’s book: A true embarrassment

Michael Schmidt-Salomon and illustrator Helge Nyncke’s new children’s book Wo bitte geht’s zu Gott?, fraqte das kleine Ferkel (which roughly translates to How Do I Get to God, Asked the Small Piglet) currently holds top spot on Amazon in Germany. From what I have seen of it, it is also a boatload of disingenuous unreasonably … Continue reading