On personal spiritualism and liberal religiosity

A little while back a friend asked me if I thought that recent violent acts by religious fundamentalists have stained the benefits of interiorized spirituality. Since this is a good question and one at the heart of much of my thinking on religion and “spirituality” (I’ll explain the shutter quotes later), I figured I’d make … Continue reading

Is Mainstream Science Dogmatic? (Repost from December)

Given that the release of the crocumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is right around the corner, and that its promotional team is showing the sorts of dogmatism that it is accusing the mainstream scientific community (or, “Big Science”) of (e.g., by expelling prominent critic, PZ Myers from a screening, attempting to bribe Christian schools to force their … Continue reading

The fundamentalist’s implicit acknowledgement of his own ridiculousness

Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent [i.e., a ridiculous blog by and for Christian fundamentalists who like to delude themselves and each other into thinking that 1) Intelligent Design is a science rather than one big faith-based argument from ignorance; 2) that there is some grand dogmatic “Darwinist” conspiracy in the scientific community which is dedicated to … Continue reading

SLANTED: The palpable Christian literalist bias at the Whitby “Decide for Yourself” religion debates

In this post I will give a general overview of the slanting that I observed during the portion of the Decide for Yourself War of the Worldviews event in Whitby, Ontario this weekend. I will also comment briefly on Frank Sherwin’s presentation. Finally, I will cite the most ridiculous comment I heard during my time … Continue reading

Sam Harris: It’s not about atheism, it’s about reason and genuine respect for the well-being of others

Having just watched the recent Sam Harris + Rabbi David Wolpe debate on the existence of God, I was reminded of Sam Harris’ very important and agreeable position that a big part of the cultural struggle being fought be secularists should not be about atheism specifically, but about reason generally. Now, the subject of religion … Continue reading

Is one arrogant if they point out the irrationality in believing in leprechauns? What about God?

A query to the rationalist community: Don’t you just love it how religious people believe that their beliefs are somehow special? And that to point out the irrationality in believing them and to refer to the beliefs as having all the tell-tale signs of a fairy tale until proven otherwise is arrogant?

SocialRank.com’s #1 atheist blog post for January 20, 2008

The Frame Problem was honoured today by SocialRank.com, a ranker of blogs and blog entries. SocialRank.com‘s atheist blog tracker ChallengeReligion.com has recognized “Freedom of expression doesn’t mean the right to offend”; Dutch government bracing self for violent Muslim protest to anti-Muslim film as the #1 atheist blog post for January 20, 2008.

Ignorance and Ideological Rigidity: Achilles’ heels of democracies and individuals

Larry Moran asks At what point does something become an “ethical” issue for society? How many people have to be against something on “ethical” grounds” in order for it to become an ethical problem? What if their objections are irrational? For example I imagine that US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is against stem cell research … Continue reading

“Freedom of expression doesn’t mean the right to offend”; Dutch government bracing self for violent Muslim protest to anti-Muslim film

False. Freedom of expression does entail freedom to offend. In fact, in many ways freedom of expression is the right to offend. No one ever fought for the right to say nonoffensive things. No one ever censored nonoffensive statements. The ludicrous suggestion that freedom of expression does not apply to offensive statements—it sounds even more ridiculous … Continue reading

The Koran in Question? Powerful new evidence against Islam?

A secret archive of ancient Islamic text which could challenge the very core of the truth value of Islam’s claim of Allah has surfaced after 60 years of suppression.