Bill Dembski on who most needs to see the upcoming ID crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

In yet another of his inane ramblings, Bill Dembski lies for Jesus once again. In an interview with the Southern Baptist TEXAN (so you know the reporter is gonna be asking the hard questions, right…) regarding the upcoming Intelligent Design-advocating Christian Right crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Dembski asserts that “those who most need to … Continue reading

“IDiot” is officially a part of The Frame Problem’s standard vernacular; “Theistard” is receiving consideration

My esteemed blogging colleague Larry Moran of Sandwalk has long been using the term “IDiot” in reference to Intelligent Design (ID) proponents. For the first 6 weeks or so of blogging on The Frame Problem, I avoided the use of this term, despite my general agreement with it*, in the interest of professionalism. No longer. … Continue reading

The latest antics of the Dishonesty, errr, Discovery Institute

It must be nice to value honesty so little as to have no qualms with deleting conversations that make you look bad from your website. I wonder how the Discovery Institute is able to reconcile their dishonesty with their Christian morals. Hmm, well I guess if you’re lying for Jesus it’s okay.

Taking Denyse O’Leary to task

Denyse “Queen of Canadian IDiots” O’Leary declares the following: The universe is clearly fine-tuned for life, and – as I like to say – if God didn’t do it, his replacement from the celestial temp agency is pretty Good. I wonder if she can justify this assertion without falling into one of these pitfalls: 1) … Continue reading

The Indiana and Oklahoma Academies of Science endorse the teaching of evolution and oppose that of Intelligent Design in science classes

The National Center for Science Education reports on official statements released yesterday by the Indiana and Oklahoma Academies of Science in which unequivocally supported the exclusive teaching of evolution as the only scientific and evidentially-justified explanation of life. I guess Denyse O’Leary, Bill Dembski and all the other IDiots will be incorporating these two state … Continue reading

I’m in a bit of a bind? Should I dignify ID blog posts with critiques?

As I point out frequently: Intelligent Design is an insult to human intelligence and is absolutely not science. It’s just, well, stupid. There are some highly visited ID proponent blogs out there. I visit them from time to time, though always on an empty stomach. Whenever I go, no matter how much I mentally prepare … Continue reading