Responding to an ID-Sympathizing Blogger

On his blog Vere Loqui – which I like the title of, Martin Cothran wrote: L. Ron Brown at “The Frame Problem” takes Ben Stein to task for making careless remarks about science on the Glenn Beck show. Of course Brown employs the usual array of hyperbolic terms favored by Darwinists in such cases to … Continue reading

Ben Stein and Glenn Beck: Ignorance, Deceit and Stupidity, OH MY!

Nothing I say short of quoting them directly could prepare you for the profound levels of ignorance you are about to hear. Stein and Beck’s ignorance of and/or deliberate deceit with respect to science, evolution, atheism and morality are absolutely depressing. They are an unfortunate pair of exemplars of the intellectual dysfunction that dogmatism – … Continue reading

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

From the official ADL website: New York, NY, April 29, 2008 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today issued the following statement regarding the controversial film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed misappropriates the Holocaust and its imagery as a part of its political effort to discredit the scientific community which rejects … Continue reading

Ben Stein is Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Expelled parody)

The Scienazis are at it again. It wasn’t enough for them to suppress the highly tenable and definitely scientific approach that is Intelligent Design (and certainly not Creationism). Now they’re suppressing the equally meritorious stork theory of reproduction. Stork theory, a totally viable alternative to the sex theory (which is just a theory) of reproduction, … Continue reading

Expelled Exposed: Tomorrow, the NCSE will be posting its review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Tomorrow, April 15, The National Center for Science Education will be posting its review of Ben Stein’s crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The NCSE’s ExpelledExposed website currently contains a collection articles critical of the shock-croc.  

PZ Myers EXPELLED from Expelled!?!?

A number of blogs have already commented on this unsurprising bit of irony: the makers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (an upcoming Intelligent Design/Creationist crocumentary attempting to cast mainstream science – and evolutionary science in particular – as a dogmatic and somewhat totalitarianesque regime, to misrepresent evolutionary biology and the research behind it, and to … Continue reading

Expelled: No Intelligent Flying Spaghetti Monsters Allowed

I’m mad. Flaming mad! I thought the scientific community was about academic freedom, following the evidence wherever it leads, and expelling dogmatism. That was until I saw this documentary preview. I was wrong. The scientific community that I had long trusted and respected has been usurped by Darwinist dogmatists. Richard Dawkins may be Darwin’s Rottweiler, … Continue reading

The fundamentalist’s implicit acknowledgement of his own ridiculousness

Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent [i.e., a ridiculous blog by and for Christian fundamentalists who like to delude themselves and each other into thinking that 1) Intelligent Design is a science rather than one big faith-based argument from ignorance; 2) that there is some grand dogmatic “Darwinist” conspiracy in the scientific community which is dedicated to … Continue reading

The troubles of debating Creationists

Steven Novella of NeuroLogica has written an incisive analysis of PR strategies that are apparently being employed by Creationists, particularly when it comes to debating evolution and Creationism. I highly recommend reading his analysis, which I present below.

Responding to Intelligent Design/Creationism: The Law of Biogenesis

This is the first entry of an ongoing program on this blog dedicated to responding to Intelligent Design/Creationist claims. Leading Intelligent Design/Creationism advocates accuse mainstream scientists of being dogmatically attached to naturalistic evolution, they describe evolution as being a faith rather than a scientific enterprise, they refer to those who accept evolution as “Darwinists”, so … Continue reading