Ex-Scientologist Calls CoS a Nazi Organization

Ex-Scientologist and now declared Suppressive Person (SP) Skip Press (whose course completions within CoS are listed here – not sure if this is up-to-date, however) describes the “Church” of Scientology as a Nazi organization. Press claims to have been declared an SP for having left Scientology’s Sea Org, which he described as essentially being a slave … Continue reading

BRUTAL Fair Gaming in Canada: Scientology’s Attempts to Ruin Gregg Hagglund

Gregg Hagglund has been a civilized and ethical picketer of the Cult of Scientology since the mid-90s. He has picketed in front of the Toronto Scientology Org over 80 times and played an integral role in the defeat of Scientology’s application for charity status in Canada. The Cult’s response to this was anything but civilized … Continue reading

Old Guard Critics Bob Minton, Stacy Young and Hannah Whitfield on Scientology

Presented below is an April 1998 broadcast by German network ARD on Scientology. The main interviewees are Old Guard Critics of Scientology Bob Minton, Stacy (Brooks) Young and Hannah Whitfield. Former mayor of Clearwater, Florida – the town that Scientology has been working to occupy– Gabe Cazeras, and a Scientology spokesperson were also interviewed. Minton … Continue reading

Paulette Cooper’s Sworn Testimony!

Paulette Cooper, one of the early critics of Scientology – the first to publish a book against the cult, The Scandal of Scientology, was framed for bomb threats, attempted to have incarcerated in a mental institution, had her personal life invaded numerous times in various ways, and harassed endlessly in a variety of ways by the cult. The cult’s … Continue reading

MUST WATCH: Ex long-time Scientologists attest to danger of the cult

In this set of videos taken at a press conference in Clearwater, Florida in 1998, former high-ranking Scientologists Arnald (Arnie) Lerma, Scientologist of 10 years, and Stacy Young (Brooks), fourteen years, speak out against the cult. They speak of the cult’s standard practice of imprisoning its members (often in isolation) – indeed, each of these speakers experienced … Continue reading

Video chronicle of Scientology scandals

Here is a video which chronicles Scientology scandals. Scandals include infiltration of the IRS, going to extreme lengths to suppress critics, causation of deaths (including possible murders), exploitation of members, and so on. For more posts on Scientology, click here.

Scientologist Fundamentalists

Prepare to be stunned. I just finished watching a video on YouTube in which a camcorder-carrying critic of Scientology attempted to attend a Scientology street event and was not allowed in, despite the fact that the party was on a public street and there was a sign up indicating that all are welcome. The critic was … Continue reading