Another frustrated Humanist review of the Whitby “Decide for Yourself” religion debates

Terry Price, the Humanist I wrote about in my review of the event (who was asked to stop distributing Humanism pamphlets), has written a review of his experiences at this event. This is very worth reading. Having not attended on Friday, and having been in the audience for the Frank Sherwin talk rather than manning … Continue reading

SLANTED: The palpable Christian literalist bias at the Whitby “Decide for Yourself” religion debates

In this post I will give a general overview of the slanting that I observed during the portion of the Decide for Yourself War of the Worldviews event in Whitby, Ontario this weekend. I will also comment briefly on Frank Sherwin’s presentation. Finally, I will cite the most ridiculous comment I heard during my time … Continue reading

The Pope’s solution to Priesthood child sexual abuse: Pray the pedophilic gay away!

So apparently Pope Benedict’s brilliant solution to the problem of pedophilia in the Priesthood is to pray for things to get better.

Halton District Catholic School Board Officially Bans Pullman Books

¬†For daring to criticize Catholicism, Philip Pullman’s books have officially been banned from Halton Catholic School shelves. The most notable of the three books is The Golden Compass, which has recently been made into a movie and has been dignified by readers around the world as the best children’s book in the last 70 years.