Boston Radio Personality Attends Bizarre Scientology Birthday Party for L Ron Hubbard

WBCN Boston Radio personality describes his peculiar experiences at the Cult of Scientology Boston LRH birthday party. His experience as he reports was indeed very strange, though no longer shocking in the slightest for this observer. In fact, what would have been most shocking is if the event had proceeded as a perfectly normal birthday … Continue reading

Operation ReConnect: Globe & Mail and Boston Herald articles

Canada’s The Globe & Mail has released a short article on April 12’s Operation ReConnect Canadian protests against the Cult of Scientology. The Boston Herald also wrote a piece that was generally decent except for the lies it included from representatives of the Cult. This post is a part of a series of posts dedicated … Continue reading

Shifty off-duty detective at March 15 Buffalo, NY Anonymous Scientology protest

WikiNews correspondent DragonFire1024 claims that the Buffalo, NY Anonymous protest against the “Church” of Scientology was supervised by an off-duty detective who refused to provide his full name, badge number, or an interview to DragonFire1024, saying that the would-be interviewer was not a real member of the media. This detective is said to have asked … Continue reading