BBC’s John Sweeney Remember’s Shawn Lonsdale, One of the Bravest Scientology Critics to Ever Live

In 2005, John Sweeney and associates produced the documentary Scientology & Me for the BBC. During his researching of the cult, Sweeney met Shawn Lonsdale, one of the most brave, self-sacrificing and steadfast watchdogs of the cult to have ever lived. Lonsdale told Sweeney and the BBC of how Scientologists had spent years terrorizing him … Continue reading

I keep preaching Fair Game because I have nothing else to complain about?

I’ve been having an email discussion with the person who runs, a pro-Scientology site by a Scientologist (“Louanne”) that pays shallow and transparent lip-service to neutrality. The things she are saying are just ridiculous. After writing off numerous cases against Scientology – e.g., the case against Scientology in Belgium, Bob Minton, Gregg Hagglund, the nature of OSA … Continue reading

Cult of Scientology Conspired to Destroy Skeptic Organization CSICOP

In the late 1970s, the Cult of Scientology conspired to discredit and silence the Committee for Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal, CSICOP, an organization headed by world-renowned Humanist leader Paul Kurtz, who also heads the Center For Inquiry. The 1977 order from the top level of the “Church” of Scientology outlining the plan, entitled Program: Humanist … Continue reading

Tory Christman on Scientology’s mafia-style distributed organized crime

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