Scientologist teen willing to KILL for Scientology?

This is a video of a teen Scientologist who is angrily frustrated by the way Scientology is viewed by most of society, questions what gives another person the right to talk negatively about his “religion” (answer: the same thing that gives us the right to criticize any other belief we find to be silly – … Continue reading

Jason Beghe’s damning expose of Scientology continues

Television actor Jason Beghe, the Cult of Scientology’s first celebrity defector, spilled another big heap of beans on Scientology and his experience in it in an interview with the Village Voice. Beghe spoke of how, as a spiritually curious person, he had been deeply intrigued by some of Scientology’s procedures and its claims at helping people … Continue reading

Heartbreaking story of how Church of Scientology’s psychological abuse and indoctrination pushed father, John Boucher, toward suicide

The daughter of John Boucher spoke at the Washington DC March 15 Anonymous Scientology picket about how the Cult of Scientology’s psychological abuse and indoctrination led Boucher to believe that he was a Suppressive Person (SP), that this was his fault, and that this is the reason why he was unable to be well and progress … Continue reading