Sometimes it pays to be an SP

Because I oppose the Cult of Scientology’s terrorist mafia practices (or, their “religious freedom” as their spokespeople might euphemistically¬†term it), I am surely eligible for the Scientology label of Suppressive Person, or SP. This is not a problem for me. After all, when a suppressive organization labels an individual a¬†suppressive person, one can infer using … Continue reading

Am I the only atheist blogger blogging about the Cult of Scientology?

In my experience on the atheosphere, bloggers have been pretty quick to stand against injustices done in the name of religion. Well right now we have an international cult masquerading as a religion* in order to get tax-exempt status, escape numerous external investigations, and now to be able to label those who oppose them as … Continue reading

Joey MoJoey’s Atheist Blogroll: I don’t get its popularity

If you’re an atheist blogger or a regular visitor of atheist blogs, you’ve probably seen this link: I’ve seen this link so many times. At least 350 atheist blogs are members of this blogroll, with many of them displaying this link on their site. Now first off, let me say that I have absolutely no … Continue reading