MUST WATCH: Ex long-time Scientologists attest to danger of the cult

In this set of videos taken at a press conference in Clearwater, Florida in 1998, former high-ranking Scientologists Arnald (Arnie) Lerma, Scientologist of 10 years, and Stacy Young (Brooks), fourteen years, speak out against the cult. They speak of the cult’s standard practice of imprisoning its members (often in isolation) – indeed, each of these speakers experienced … Continue reading

OUTSTANDING article on Anonymous and Scientology

This article, written by Chris Landers and published on CityPaperOnline, is truly a must-read. What one will get out of this article is an indepth overview of the history and current state of Anonymous, and a partial overview of Scientology’s deplorable past. Landers gives an excellent overview of Anonymous. He discusses its history before the Scientology … Continue reading