Have stars exploded in size since the time of the Bible?

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The short-comings of every theist argument that I have ever heard, and the one type of case that gives me some pause

 I am an agnostic atheist. An agnostic atheist is one who does not make the assertive statement “There is no God”, but simply lacks a belief in any God. I do not know for certain that there is no God, so I won’t claim such knowledge. In my experience, though, I have had no experiences … Continue reading

Bill Dembski on who most needs to see the upcoming ID crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

In yet another of his inane ramblings, Bill Dembski lies for Jesus once again. In an interview with the Southern Baptist TEXAN (so you know the reporter is gonna be asking the hard questions, right…) regarding the upcoming Intelligent Design-advocating Christian Right crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Dembski asserts that “those who most need to … Continue reading

This Christian apologist is just not getting it! Maybe theism really can be a cognitive neurological disorder…

On a few occasions before I have said that debating with theists can be like pushing against a brick wall. Well, I’ve been debating a Christian theist who is clearly as dense as a brick, so it is not surprising that my previous statement has proven true once again. Read on to see how this … Continue reading

Tearing down a Christian’s “good” argument for theism line by line

In the comment section of Doubt in and faking of faith, and the need for secular alternatives to religious communities a reader named Colin has accused me of having strawmaned Christianity and of neglecting arguments against my position. I maintain that I have done no such thing. But to leave no doubts in his mind, … Continue reading

Ed Brayton rips Ray Comfort a new one. Yes Ray, you are an idiot.

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled Ed Brayton rips Joe Farah a new one. Yes Joe, waterboarding is torture. Well this time he has done it to Ray “the banana is the atheist’s worst nightmare” Comfort. Brayton’s full post is presented below.