Ben Stein and Glenn Beck: Ignorance, Deceit and Stupidity, OH MY!

Nothing I say short of quoting them directly could prepare you for the profound levels of ignorance you are about to hear. Stein and Beck’s ignorance of and/or deliberate deceit with respect to science, evolution, atheism and morality are absolutely depressing. They are an unfortunate pair of exemplars of the intellectual dysfunction that dogmatism – … Continue reading

Responding to Intelligent Design/Creationism: The probability of Abiogenesis

This is the long-delayed second edition of responding to ID/Creationism, which was inspired by the heaps of disingenuity and ignorance offered up by Frank Sherwin of the Institute for Creation Research a few weeks ago at the Christian literalist organized and slanted War of the Worldviews religion debates in Whitby, Ontario. As will generally be … Continue reading

Review of Atheism – Christianity debate between Christopher DiCarlo and Dave Hunt at the “Decide for Yourself” religion debates in Whitby, ON

For general overviews of the event, go here, here and here. These reviews are all written by humanists who were strongly disappointed by the slanted nature of the event. Put briefly, the event was run by Christian literalists, at a Christian school, with Christian moderators, with questions to the speakers having to be written down … Continue reading

Tearing down a Christian’s “good” argument for theism line by line

In the comment section of Doubt in and faking of faith, and the need for secular alternatives to religious communities a reader named Colin has accused me of having strawmaned Christianity and of neglecting arguments against my position. I maintain that I have done no such thing. But to leave no doubts in his mind, … Continue reading