My new blog

Greetings all.

I have just started a new blog, Death By Trolley. From its About section:

Death By Trolley is a soapbox and a centre for discussion on the political economies and ethical issues surrounding health care, the mass media, civil liberties, social issues, and other things that catch the interest or ire of a secular humanist progressive 28 year old Canadian health care graduate student who believes in open, honest and fair discussion of all issues, follows Major League Baseball, and enjoys awkward, immature and taboo humour.

Goals of the blog:

  • To promote open and honest consideration of important and interesting political, societal and ethical issues.
  • To promote greater understanding of the worldviews and perspectives of people of different value systems (e.g., progressivism, libertarianism).
  • To shine light on fair and unfair coverage of political issues in media, on the left and right.


Hope you’ll check it out!

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