Reason/Humanism Collaborative MegaSite

Greetings Advocates of Reason and Humanism,

Are you interested in joining an ambitious international community of advocates for reason and humanism who are working to create a major independent media voice?

I and a growing group of freethinkers are working to expand our small collaborative website, (name to change), into a broadbased collaborative site. The primary – though not exclusive – focuses of the site thus far have been secularism, religion and atheism. We are expanding the site’s purview to advocate for reason and humanism more broadly – all areas of public life. Since the site’s launch in June, it has gained the endorsements of both the world’s largest freethought, science and reason advocacy organization (The Center For Inquiry) and the world’s most visited science/atheism blog, Pharyngula, in addition to throngs of other rationalist blogs.

The expanding site will include up-to-date news, quality thought pieces, and original multimedia (e.g., vlogging, citizen journalism, digital arts, etc.). Plans for the coming months include mass email campaigns seeking collaboration and promotion from hundreds of bloggers, university faculty, student organizations and advocacy organizations. We aspire to grow in the direction of online success stories like Daily Kos, who through broadbased collaboration, have built a leading news and views site that facilitates net and community-based advocacy and seamlessly collaborates with traditional advocacy organizations.

The Internet enables unprecedented levels of democratic engagement. Never before have so many been able to create broadly accessible media and organize with people near and far. At present, there are thousands of people advocating for reason and humanistic causes on personal blogs, YouTube accounts and so on. This is good, but we can achieve FAR more working together than we can in isolation. In fact, to a large degree, solo advocacy bloggers are wasting their time, efforts and skills. Solo blogging is simply inefficient.

So, what’s the focus of your advocacy for reason and humanism? Media reform? Drug laws? Gay rights? International trade? Science education? Sexual education? Protecting the environment? Healthcare? Meditation in schools? Third world assistance?

Lets make a difference. Together.

The expansion infrastructure is being built now, with official release of the revamped site coming in February or March.

If interested in joining our team, leave a comment or email me: theframeproblem at live dot ca.

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