Political Correctness Gone Mad: Pretending That Our Religions Are Not Inane

On a recent broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor, leading international right wing propagandist, Bill O’Reilly, referred to the Washington State government’s allowing of the presentation of an atheist display critical of religion on public property alongside a Christian Christmas display as “political correctness gone mad”.

No. This is not political correctness gone mad. This is the upholding of the US Constitution gone right. Despite the delusions of the Christian right, America is an officially secular nation. As most of us are very well aware, within the First Amendment of the US Constitution is an explicit statement that US governments and public agencies may not show favouritism or endorsement of one religion over others, or religion generally over non-religion. The implications of this Constitutional obligation with regard to religious displays on public property are clear: either no religious/belief community gets to put up a display or any can so long as the displays do not violate any laws.

I’ll tell you what is political correctness gone mad, though. Political correctness gone mad is being told that it is inappropriate to pretend that basing one’s core beliefs on the nature and origins of the universe, life, morality and the afterlife on an old book fraught with nonsense and utterly lacking in anything even approaching evidence is not laughably ridiculous. MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS, BILL!

4 Responses to “Political Correctness Gone Mad: Pretending That Our Religions Are Not Inane”
  1. Concerning the Atheist display at the State Capitol in Olympia, WA:

    On one side, we have the believer’s in Christmas. Their display is a pastoral scene of a small baby, laying in a manger, surrounded by his mother and father, and angels, and shepherds. It’s the symbol of a story of a loving God becoming man. This God becomes man to walk in man’s shoes and accept the punishment for man’s sins on Earth. This God shows man how to live a virtuous life, and teaches man to love one another. As documented in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, it’s a richly woven, highly detailed, yet amazingly subtle and nuanced story of love and redemption and hope and peace. God promises that those who love each other and believe in Him, will make the world a better place and have the reward of eternal peace and love in Heaven. It’s an offer, essentially, of hope for a better world and eternal love. But, it is an offer made with the acknowledgment that man has free will – man may accept the offer or freely reject it. All of the hope and promise of this Biblical story is contained in the simple display of a baby in a manger.

    On the other side, we have a poster board from a local office supply store, with an insult written on it.

    I think the two displays, side-by-side, are perfect. The message comes across clearly and effectively. It’s a choice.

    Merry Christmas

    • Ron Brown says:


      First off, while backhanded, I appreciate your support of the atheist group’s right to have the same opportunity as Christians in this venue. I also can fully understand it being backhanded, as surely the atheist’s display is insulting to believers. However, I must also point out how you portray the Bible as something wholly wonderful and fantastic – as if it weren’t 1) filled with hate, violence, and oppression (including slavery – the ultimate oppression) done either by God or by others but with God’s approval; and 2) evidentially substantially underdeveloped – to put it politely. Many creation stories have been told. Yours is merely one of them. It may be the most popular, but all the popularity in the world has not been able to generate a rational case for it.

  2. thisbusymonster says:


    The problem with your post is that it is full of lies. The lies you tell are known to you, but you try distract people from seeing them with nonsense.

    The New Testament does not “document” anything. By definition, to document something, you have to be there to see it happen (i.e. a documentary). The New Testament is known to have been written and compiled between decades and centuries after the supposed events. There is no historical or archaeological evidence that any significant religious event described ever occurred. In fact, the contrary is true. Events described in the Bible are known to be fictitious, undoubtedly even by you. This means you are knowingly spreading lies. That doesn’t say much about your character.

    People who engage in spreading these lies have no claim to being offended at anything. They perpetuate the centuries of violence and bigotry which the Bible promotes. A little shame is perfectly appropriate, especially given the time of year and what Christians claim it means to them. What nonsense.

    You are right Michael, the message is pretty effective.

  3. Tim says:

    For fucks sake, will you nuts PLEASE STOP QUOTING GOD? HE DOESN’T TALK.

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