Someone tell the UN to stop pandering to Islamists and Terrorists

It’s a lesson for the kids: TERRORISM WORKS!

unA few days ago, the UN – by a massive 85 – 50 voting margin (with 42 abstentions) – passed a non-binding resolution calling on member states to prohibit “defamation of religion”. Alright. The time for politeness is over when such an appalling policy is passed. FUCK THAT! And Fuck Islam! Fuck Christianity! Fuck Judaism! Fuck Hinduism! Fuck Mormonism! Fuck the Cult of Scientology! Fuck every fairy tale that anyone ever held as being true. Oh, and fuck Secularism, Humanism, Atheism, Buddhist secular philosophy, and all other alternatives to faith.

I say all of the above for a few reasons. Firstly, I say them because the window of opportunity seems to be closing. Heh. No. I’ll be allowed to say such things for a long time because fortunately I’m Canadian and don’t expect Canada’s leaders to be heading down that dark road of idiocy any time soon. And if I were to be disallowed from saying them, I’d like to hope that I would have the courage to say them anyway rather than being a complicit part of the problem and a living demonstration of the efficacy state-sponsored terrorism in action.

Secondly, I say them because I think we and others should be free to criticize ideas and worldviews – even our own. So I included the secularist positions right alongside the religious belief systems that I think so little of.

When it comes to running a just, open and wise society – not that I think that such is the case now anyway – an absolute must is the ability to criticize ideas, especially the ideas that have significant social consequences. We should not be aiding those who want to choke out our ability to think and speak freely. We should be binding together to oppose any and all forces that do this. It is an utter disgrace that an international organization that supposedly champions human rights is being manipulated by an aggressive, overbearing, domineering pack of delusional cultists out of fear of crazed delusional terrorists.

3 Responses to “Someone tell the UN to stop pandering to Islamists and Terrorists”
  1. Mark W says:


    p.s Behead those that insult my new religion called “Islam-is-a-fuck-tardo-religion”!

  2. Matt says:

    I shall start a religion that finds it terribly offensive to use the letter ‘E’ for any reason. Thn whr shall th world stand on this most prssing issu?

  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    Doesn’t ancient Hebrew omit vowels from writing? They and your group will be cool.

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