Scientology Critic Blindsides Cultists During Stress Test

I couldn’t not post this truly epic video. In it, tenacious Cult of Scientology critic AngryGayPope – whom the cult has gone to some lengths to thwart – went into a major Hollywood Scientology centre without being recognized and received a free stress test. Unbeknownst to the Scientologists his videocam, which was around his neck, was recording. For the entirety of the test he plays dumb and simply goes along with the test. Once it is over, he is told that he has a lot of stress and should consider reading Dianetics. He then reveals to the Scientologist that he is gay, and so he is particularly concerned about self-help services’ views on homosexuality. So he thumbs through Dianetics and instantly finds the section on homosexuality where it calls the homosexual a sexual pervert who suffers from an illness, which he reads aloud. First the Scientologist tries to minimize the severity of the claims and then when AGP responds by inviting her to read the statements herself, she takes the book back! Then he goes into Xenu and she, predictably, had him leave the centre.


6 Responses to “Scientology Critic Blindsides Cultists During Stress Test”
  1. null says:

    One word: awesome!

  2. LOL! Ouch! That’s gonna make heterosexual David Miscaviage very angry!

  3. Good fucking grief! They’re both hideously fat! Disgustingly fat! Horribly, horribly fat!

  4. These two good natured ladies have no idea that what they are doing is wrong or bad, as they’ve already bought and are reasonably happy with Hubbard’s hype about the good things his spiritual “technology” does for people.

    These ladies obviously are innocently supplying their own good natured intentions in forwarding Hubbard’s fraud setup.

    It’s a difficult matter to break the news to them about something they cannot immediately see.

    Hubbard’s personal formula for success: use innocent good natured people to sell his fraud therapy cult.

    How to get through to inncoent members like these two Los Angeles Org staff members, you’d have to maintain a civil tone and not antagonize them, and somehow gradually lead them to reason about the flaws in Scientology.

  5. Truth says:

    Truth is the enemy to a Scientologist. They aren’t even allowed to know about the upper levels of their own “religion”.
    Thanks to Ron, he alienated so many types of people in his books and tapes, it will be the fall of the money making Scientology.

  6. Xenu says:

    Gone already? Man, they move quick.

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