The Edger: The Next Big Thing in Online Secular Activism

In what is just my second post in a long time, I’m making a point of encouraging everyone to check out The Edger. The Edger is a new and extremely well-produced secularism and atheism activism website. I had the privilege of helping to develop this site, and the people commandeering the operation are all very talented and dedicated. The site is run by student activists from across Canada and the United States, but the goal is to add writers from across the globe. Despite having launched not even a month ago, it has already received endorsements from a number of prominent blogs, including PZ Myers’ Pharyngula, Hemant Mehta’s The Friendly Atheist, Larry Moran’s Sandwalk, Skeptico, Tangled Up In Blue Sky, Primordial Blog, and many more. It’s most notable endorsement, however, is from the world’s leading secularism/atheism/humanism/freethought activism organization, The Center For Inquiry – not sure if CFI has ran any Internet statements of the sponsorship yet. Written by some of the most engaged young freethought activists in North America, and garnering the support of international leading bloggers and organizations, The Edger is probably one of the biggest additions to the online freethought community in recent memory and stands to be a leading news, views and activism site for freethinkers and secularists across North America and, in time, around the world.

One Response to “The Edger: The Next Big Thing in Online Secular Activism”
  1. Mike says:

    I’m kind of nervous about being referred to as “prominent.” I’m not sure if I belong with the other bloggers you mention. Thanks!

    Tangled Up in Blue Guy.

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