Where everybody knows your name…

The hit TV show Cheers may be long gone but its legacy lives on in Korea, where there are at least a handful of Cheers bars. A new chum of mine in Seoul, Nick, who is a talented saxaphonist, had the fun idea of playing the Cheers theme song in front of the Cheers bar near his residence. It turned out very well.

3 Responses to “Where everybody knows your name…”
  1. N.Brown says:

    that was excellent… cheers to Nick!!!

  2. cool man.

    glad you liked it.

    that place is right down the road from your apt.

    actually, turns out you live in the same officetel i used to call home

  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    Sweet, man.

    I love your vids. The one of the children dancing to Funk Soul Brother is amazing. That one girl is a really good dancer.

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