Plymouth Scientology Protester/YouTuber Fair Game’d and Arrested

Avid Plymouth, England based Scientology protester and YouTuber Stuart D Wyatt (YouTube account: PlymouthScientology) was raided by police and arrested earlier this week based on what he describes as a false claim by a Scientologist of an assault. While not charged with harassment, he has been prohibited by police from going anywhere near any “Church” of Scientology locations or members, which will prevent him from attending tomorrow’s worldwide Scientology protest, entitled Sea Arrrgh.

During the police raid, in addition to seizing his camcorder and cult watch master videos, police also found marijuana which Wyatt claims to be medicinal and intended for treatment of an as yet undiagnosed ailment. In the interest of intellectual honesty, I have to say that I will remain agnostic as to whether Wyatt had the marijuana primarily for medicinal versus recreational purposes. But in either case, I personally do not care. When I’m in Canada, I smoke marijuana. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it. I think that it is an absolute travesty that it is illegal anywhere. On the weighing of individual rights versus societal rights, it is remarkably benign for society and does comparatively little harm to the individual when compared to a number of things that are perfectly legal (e.g., fast food, alcohol, etc.). The ridiculousness of banning marijuana is compounded exponentially when a society concurrently allows for alcohol, which is clearly and decisively worse for society and the individual.

Alright, back to Wyatt. Wyatt was held in jail overnight (denied bail) and reports receiving unduely limited access to his phone call, a lawyer and water. He has been released and will be sitting in court soon. It will likely be some time before his protest-related materials will be returned to him.

Stuart has invited supporters to him out with legal costs and the purchase of a new camcorder. I will be making a small contribution and invite other supporters to do the same. In the fight against this truly malevolent cult, it is integral that when any protester is taken down by the cult that the others stand behind them.

Here is his contribution-related contact information (I am going to send an email to the PayPal account to get more info, which I’ll relay):

For those wishing to help out with legal/equipment costs:
Paypal –
Barclays Bank –
20-68-10 50733792

Stuart Wyatt
77 St Mary Street
Devon. UK. PL1 3JT.

5 Responses to “Plymouth Scientology Protester/YouTuber Fair Game’d and Arrested”
  1. Greetings says:

    He violated human rights…. 🙂 He had it coming.

  2. KepiLayla says:

    I am not a member of Anon, but I find any group that does what CoS does to be morally and, *cough cough* ethically, reprehensible. I totally am for freedom of beliefs, but that also means that people deserve the right to disagree. Besides, how does someone have freedom of beliefs when Scientoloweird won’t let people go when they choose to change their minds? I think the whole Zenu thing is stupid, but it harms nobody, so I am fine with that part, but they are an evil cult that harrasses people, use crappy tactics, and as you see here, cares nothing for others.

    I feel for Stu, and it is retarted that the UK police would hold a cripple (sorry) for 24 hours and refuse bail. It’s not like Stu is a flight risk. Hang in there bud!

    Blessed Be

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