Next World Scientology Protest: TOMMOROW! Operation Sea Arrrgh

The next world Scientology protest is tomorrow (or today, if you’re in my current time zone – I’m in Seoul).

Entitled Operation Sea Arrrgh, this protest will focus on the abuses of the cult’s Sea Org – the “elite” division within Scientology which essentially runs the cult. Members of the Sea Org sign billion year contracts and are often overworked (e.g., 80+ hour weeks), underpaid (e.g., $50/week or less), poorly nourished, and treated like morally-valueless machines. The Sea Org has employed children (e.g., Astra Woodcraft), who would work excrutiating hours, be deprived of education, and be misled (like the adults) into thinking that Scientology was the world’s only hope and that there was a moral imperative of the highest order for them to make every sacrifice to perform their duties – as unreasonably demanding as they may be. Sea Orgers have also been physically imprisoned within the system, or threatened to be disconnected from their families and friends within Scientology if they do not continue to serve their Sea Org roles as demanded.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to take part in this, the fifth, major international protest against the cult since February. Protest at the Scientology centre nearest you.

One Response to “Next World Scientology Protest: TOMMOROW! Operation Sea Arrrgh”
  1. Doktor Anon says:

    I was contemplating not going due to father’s day, but the faggotry that happened to Stu is appalling. It’s time to show what Anonymous can do with the power of over ten thousand hate machines filing for the review of a crooked police department.

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