Kathy Griffin is AMAZING

Years ago, in my limited exposure to her, I found Kathy Griffin to be a rather annoying actress. This made sense, though, as I had seen her in roles in which she was cast to be an annoying person. The role that comes readily to mind was her cameo in Seinfeld wherein she spent the entirety of her appearance annoying and frustrating Jerry to no end.

Lately, however, every time I am exposed to Griffin I think more and more of her. A few months ago, upon receiving an award for her TV show, she declared that while so many entertainers make it a point of thanking Jesus for their great success, no one had less to do with her success than Jesus and that the man on the cross can suck it. Since this episode of political incorrectness, Griffin has gone on to mock Tom Cruise and Scientology. This, of course, is another quick way to my cynical secularist rationalist activist heart. In the following video, she takes some nice jabs at the cult and its most prized member (including referring to both as crazy) while on Larry King Live. She also calls Larry on pandering to Cruise.

6 Responses to “Kathy Griffin is AMAZING”
  1. Goldfish29 says:

    She said what I’ve been thinking…Tom Cruise has lost his mind! And yeah…his CHILD bride has lost her right along with him.

    Religions based on modern fiction writing!? If that makes religions, then what next?!!? Makes about as much sense as basing the next religion on Stephen King’s, Dreamcatcher. Aliens….woooohooooo….lol

  2. I love her!! She calls it like it is.


  3. L. Ron Brown says:

    Goldfish: Well, one of the good things about Scientology, I think, is that it is a parody of the “real” religions – premodern fiction.

    I once went into the Toronto Scientology org and told a few of the members that I’m glad that Scientology is around because what they serve to do is provide a real life parody of the other religions, and insodoing demonstrate their absurdity. They were not too impressed by this, really. I should say that this was about 2 years ago, and before I had learned about how Scientology is not just stupid, it’s flat out evil. I qualify the stupid accusation, however, by saying that it does appear to have some valuable techniques – particularly those used in early Scientologist training. However, these techniques – which were probably ripped off by LRH from others – are flanked by ridiculousness, deceit, and patent disregard for individuals and society.

  4. bejewell says:

    I really don’t know anything about Scientology, but I loves me some Kathy Griffin.

  5. Sam Page says:

    I recently had the chance to interview Kathy in Bora Bora…


    …and I can say without a doubt she is one of the most remarkable women in show business. Her wit, candor, sense of humor (and self deprecation) only add to her talent. I had a great time with her.

  6. missjackie says:

    Scientology does nothing but destroy people’s lives and brain wash them. I admire Kathy Griffin for coming out as an atheist (as I am one also).

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