My email to the Strathclyde (Glasgow) Police Force

I just sent the following email to the Strathclyde police force regarding their recent banning of the term “cult” with respect to the Cult of Scientology. The police department can be emailed at


I am writing to express my strong disagreement with the department’s banning of the use
of the term “cult” with respect to Scientology. Scientology is a textbook example of a
cult. It’s leader, L Ron Hubbard, claimed to be infallible, and is held to be by many
Scientologists. The organization has an “ends justify the means” mentality, as evinced by
its Fair Game policy, which specifies that Scientologists can destroy utterly anyone
deemed to be an enemy of the organization, without reprisal. It encourages and in some
cases forces members to disconnect from outsiders. It claims to have exclusive access to
truths regarding the universe, life, and human well-being. In contrast to Scientologists,
the broader society – including relevant scientific and professional bodies – view these
supposed truths as false, unorthodox and unscientific. The cult also has a long and
loaded history of abuse, harassment, exploitation, intimidation, deceit and general
criminality and incivility toward critics, ex-members, inquiring journalists, and
government agencies and workers deemed to be potential or actualized trouble sources with
respect to the cult’s goals.

To ban the use of the term “cult” with respect to the Cult of Scientology is not only to
infringe upon honesty and free speech – both of which are cornerstones of human and
societal wellbeing and social justice – but to aid and abet a pernicious pyramid-scamming
corporate cult which exploits humans greatest areas of vulnerability, desire and fear,
while masquerading as a benevolent religion in order to hopefully fly under the radar of
law enforcement agencies, tax collectors, scientific and medical associations, business
ethics organizations, and human rights groups.

Please look into the organization that you are protecting from criticism.

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